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Was that really Indy star Danica Patrick touring NASCAR shops Monday?

Indy to NASCAR? Danica Patrick ponders her options (Photo: Indy Racing League)


   By Mike Mulhern

   Danica Patrick, whose future in NASCAR has been the topic of hot debate these past few weeks, made an unexpected drop-in at Tony Stewart's NASCAR shop Monday, general manager Bobby Hutchens confirmed.
   "Yes, she was just checking out the place, to see what this stuff is all about," Hutchens said.
   "I'm not exactly sure what her deal is....but she's a racer."
   Stewart's team is one of Rick Hendrick's satellite Chevy operations, and Stewart himself is having a bang-up season, his first as owner-driver. Stewart wasn't at the shop to escort the Indy-car star around; he was tire testing for Goodyear.

"I'm not exactly sure what

"I'm not exactly sure what her deal is, but she's a racer." The hell she is - she's a phony who gets superior racecars and does nothing with them.

That sounds a bit sexist

That sounds a bit sexist doesn't it? Welcome to the twenty first century, a lot of stuff has happened since the sixties.

yes, alot of things have

yes, alot of things have happened since the 60's, you darn hippie !
but to bad sooooooo sad, driving race cars aint one of them.
liberal talk shows, astronauts, and housewifes of the rich and famous, BUT NOT RACE CARS....sorry. nope. nada.

Now here's a thought. We all

Now here's a thought. We all know that Ganassi DEI is having problems finding a sponsor for the #8 Car. We also know that Chip must have at least some sort of a relationship with Danica through IRL. Danica of course would be extremely marketable to almost any sponsor. Add to that Juan Montoya who is already in the Chip and Dale's stable and has experience in making the transition from IRL to NASCAR which could be shared with a team mate. Given all of this, would anyone be surprised to see Danica in the #8 next year and wouldn't that just fry the minds of the JR Nation!

Just a thought........

If Danifraud is so

If Danifraud is so marketable, why aren't sponsors outside of what Andretti-Green Racing already has lining up for her? I keep hearing this "She's so marketable" excuse and there's nothing there to buttress it.

Yet put yourself or anyone

Yet put yourself or anyone you call a friend in these "superior" cars along side her and you boys get STOMPED.

gee...what a great asset it

gee...what a great asset it will be to have a female driver capable of winning at the highest level of auto racing......WOW, I JUST WOKE UP FROM A NIGHTMARE.
just how stupid does the media think we are ?
will someone please explain to me in detail why they think danica can be successful in nascar...
what credentials does she have besides a female anatomy ?
she has been in the best equipment, and still cant win. okay, she has one win, but put sam hornish in her indy car and see what happens.

well, one way to look at all

well, one way to look at all this -- nobody ever said that you have to be a winner in nascar to be successful, eh? look at some of the top names who haven't won in, oh, a pretty good while.

STP, quick quiz. Who are her

STP, quick quiz. Who are her teammates at AGR? How many races have they won in 2009? Which AGR driver is highest in points currently?

The superior equipment in the ICS belongs to Penske and Ganassi.

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