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Is it all over for Jeremy Mayfield? NASCAR files damning documents in court..But Mayfield is fighting back

Jeremy Mayfield: reeling after Wednesday's court filings (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   The strange case of Jeremy Mayfield took more bizarre twists -- sordid, even -- Wednesday, perhaps marking the end of the line for Mayfield's legal challenge against NASCAR's suspension for violating the stock car racing sanctioning body's substance abuse policies.
   NASCAR told the federal court in Charlotte that a drug test of Mayfield last week showed positive for methamphetamine.  And NASCAR also included an affidavit from Mayfield's stepmother in which she says she saw him using meth several times.
   However Mayfield's attorneys say that another drug test Mayfield had taken by an independent lab last week the same day as the NASCAR test came back negative. Mayfield says he's taken numerous such independent drug tests since his May suspension by NASCAR and he says each test came out negative.
   After remaining silent on the issue for several weeks, Mayfield is finally speaking out, and in a Wednesday night interview on Sirius radio, Mayfield conceded his NASCAR career is probably over:
   "I'm not worried about continuing my career because we all know what happens when you buck the system and you go back and try to race again.
   "It's not going to work out for me, for whatever reason, that we all know.
   "My deal now is I can't afford to pay people to work on race cars when we don't have the money to do that.
   "We're putting all of our resources, everything we got now, into fighting this to the end.
"I'm fighting it to the end, whatever I've got to do.
   "It's just like if somebody accuses you, 'Hey, man, you're going to jail.' For what reason they don't tell you.
   "They send you to jail, and you've got to explain later how you're going to get out.
   "You're not going to do that, you're not going to take the fall for somebody else.
   "You're going to stand up and be a man about it and fight for what's right, and that's what I've got to do.
   "I feel like I was definitely targeted -- they thought a good example for their drug policy. I'd go away for thirty days or whatever and come back, and drive again.
   "But nobody in their right mind would do that -- that's when you got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything.
   "And the deal with me -- remember 'policy' that Brian (France, NASCAR CEO) talks about all the time? If they got me, then none of their stars would ever have to go down for a positive drug test…which Brian said the other day they have all the time: positive drug tests.
   "If it's a 'zero tolerance' on their policy, then how do you have a bunch of positive drug tests?
   "Why was mine the only one positive that was going to have to be used for an example?"
   Mayfield described his crucial July 6th testing – a NASCAR supervised test, and two other tests by Mayfield at separate independent labs.
   "I had a test done before their test, and I had a test done 30 or 35 minutes after their test that got different results than what they're mentioning," Mayfield said. "We'll hear more about that tomorrow (Thursday), more detail."
   Mayfield said he's been getting regular personal drug tests numerous times since his May suspension: "about every three or four days I go get a drug test.
   "I'll say in the next couple weeks I'll probably have up to 15 or 16 different tests that show clean…and the only two that show positive are the ones that come from (Dr.) David Black (NASCAR's drug expert)"
   "It's just a bad deal all the way around for everybody involved…and stuff just keeps popping up, one thing after another.
   "It'll all come out and at the end we'll all know.
  "I think a lot of you guys I've known the past few years know for sure without a shadow of doubt there's nothing wrong here, nothing going on.
   "And they (NASCAR) have a hard time admitting when they're wrong.
   "We know that -- and it's just part of the battle we're going to have to fight."
   Mayfield revealed he has had a film crew following him around to document things. "We've had a camera crew with us 24/7."
   And he says it has been a traumatic two months: "Every day, all day long, this is what we deal with.
   "But I can tell you this: I'm not going to lay down.
   "I'm going to stand up for what's right. That's the way I am and who I am.
   "They can try to throw every little tactical thing they can throw at me…but I can promise you I'm not going down.
   "I want the world to know that.
   "What bothers me more than anything is how wrong -- and the lie you have to read every day on the internet…and see how wrong this whole situation is.
   "I haven't said anything for awhile. I've been real quiet, letting them do their own deal.
   "And I just can't take it no more, and I need to tell the truth. I need to let everybody know that what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong.
   "It's time to tell it; it's time for the world to know."

I certainly hate this for

I certainly hate this for Jeremy.
I really don't believe his step-mother's story that he cooked and used meth since 1998. He would be dead by now if that were true-NO ONE lives for eleven years doing meth.
Mike, do you know anything about the death of Jeremy's dad? Was it at all suspicious? I have been looking around the net and can't seem to find any details other than the death notice.

This whole thing is becoming

This whole thing is becoming too bizarre for me. I don't have a clue what's going on. At least there's a federal judge on the case....i think....

I saw a little bit on this

I saw a little bit on this on..some website. apparently the coroner in that case ruled it a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Also nobody does meth as long as Jeremy supposedly has and doesnt end up looking like this (Sorry Mike if i'm not allowed to post this picture).

The thing that worries me

The thing that worries me about this is Mayfield knew full well that they would random test him after he failed the first test. Would anybody in their right mind continue to do meth if they knew full well you would be tested at any time? You would really have to be stupid to do something like that. I really hope that Mayfield is clean but he had better have some tests from some reputable labs to back him up or else he is making himself look awfully bad. If he was guilty, all he had to do was go to rehab and get reinstated which if he was guilty is much easier than what he is going through now. Anyway, I feel for whoever is not being truthful in this matter because they are gonna look real bad when the truth finally comes out and if it is Nascar it may cost them a bunch of money.

i agree that a lot of this

i agree that a lot of this stuff makes no sense....i can't believe nascar and/or its drug advisers would make up stuff on jeremy, but then i can't believe jeremy is a meth head. heck, we've all known jeremy for 15 years.....when bill france jr. faced the tim richmond issue, he had some off-the-record talks with the press to let them in on what was really going on, and it made sense to us....guess the new nascar doesnt understand the press quite that well....

"It's time to tell it. It's

"It's time to tell it. It's time for the world to know." Mayfield, we already know - you're a drug addict, you're a liar, you tried to get other people in on the lie, you failed numerous tests, and all you're doing is projecting onto NASCAR what you yourself are guilty of.

I'm sick and tired of this act of Mayfield's; he's the one who needs to admit being wrong. His alibis are patent garbage and an insult to the intelligence of any rational carbon-based lifeform. Go the hell away and don't ever come back, Mayfield.

hey, dude, lighten....it's

hey, dude, lighten....it's his career, remember...and all the evidence isn't in yet.....i wish that judge would get the job done....

If Mayfair was several times

If Mayfair was several times tested by independent labs, why were not the results posted as part of his reply to NASCAR's motion for reconsideration? His attorney filed a number of documents as part of that reply, so there certainly was the opportunity.

good question....but then

good question....but then there are way too many good questions here yet to be answered. that judge better start working harder....jeremy said wednesday he would have some of those results out pretty soon....

We will witness the truth as

We will witness the truth as it unfolds. The NASCAR Nation will see the Fall of the France empire!

well, i wouldn't go that

well, i wouldn't go that far...but i will say that this is not nascar's finest hour....how did these guys get themselves painted into a corner like this.....jeremy's been around for 15 years, after all....

Will we ever know the results

Will we ever know the results of the hair sample test...? Marybeth

i'd say the judge in this

i'd say the judge in this case better get cracking...because indianapolis opens in just a few days, and nascar fans need some answers.

The quotes from Mayfield's

The quotes from Mayfield's (now former) crew chief were enlightening. He said he was around Jeremy for 10-12 hours per day since they started this team, and never showed the symptoms of an addict nor did he go anywhere to get a hit (which an addict would have to). The crew chief was also a former cop, so he knows what a user looks like. NASCAR does not like to be made to look bad, so they are going to fight to the end. Regardless of Mayfield's guilt or innocence, his racing career is over.

That's like the "I never saw

That's like the "I never saw him use steroids in the clubhouse" excuse. Not all addicts "look" alike. His racing career is over, all right, because he's been exposed as a fraud in life, not just in racing.

Nascar's tests on Mayfield

Nascar's tests on Mayfield were suspect from Day One. Mark my words everyone writing stories supporting Nascar's facts will be like early stories written regarding Duke/Nifong. Nascar may have made a mistake at first...but the second positive is impossible. Mayfied has a camera crew filming his every move.. when that comes out it will back his timing of events. Experts are flooding (calling) Mayfield's attorneys now. I strongly believe that Jeremy Mayfied is innocent and believe those defending nascar fail to see the big picture.

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