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Richard Childress insists Harvick will be back with him next season; but no statement yet from Harvick

   Kevin Harvick (L) and car owner Richard Childress: reports say Harvick wants to be released from the last year of his contract with Childress; Childress says he'll hold Harvick to the contract (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   Car owner Richard Childress responded with a curt statement Wednesday afternoon to Tuesday's report from Sports Illustrated that Kevin Harvick was asking for release from the final year of his contract with Childress' Chevy team and was considering trying to join the Tony Stewart-Ryan Newman team:
   "Richard Childress Racing has a multi-year contract with Shell-Pennzoil that includes the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.
   "Shell-Pennzoil remains a great partner for RCR and Kevin Harvick as well as our sport overall.
   "RCR also has a multi-year contract with Kevin Harvick that includes the 2010 season.
   "That said, Shell will be the sponsor and Kevin will be the driver of RCR's No. 29 Shell-Pennzoil Chevrolet Impala SS in 2010."


What is the real game here?

What is the real game here? Certainly Harvick is aware of the length of his contract; and if Shell is willing to go with Harvick in leaving RCR, it is equally aware of its duty to perform. For everything to go public suggests there is much more involved than RCR is prepared to admit. Harvick of course might be attempting to leverage Childress, with Shell standing aside knowing what it knows about what it could do if Harvick one way or another can free himself. But even if this is Harvick posturing, Childress will have to do something that will have a significant positive impact this year or he will face even greater disaster than 2009 come next season.

Kevin, remember, considered

Kevin, remember, considered splitting from Childress a few years...had an offer from Toyota. And he came close to moving on.
Kevin is quite ticked off with General Motors for dropping sponsorship of his Truck and Nationwide teams, the heart of his personal racing operation, which he had considered moving up to Cup.
Yes, there are contracts in place, but my sources say the Shell-Childress-Harvick deal is a three-way deal, with Shell sponsorship contingent on Harvick being at the wheel of a Childress car.
If Harvick is indeed trying to shop himself around the garage, that might be one reason for Childress being so upset lately.
Behind the scenes, it looks like the Rick Hendrick-Richard Childress Chevrolet thing isn't one happy family, but a distinct rivalry now. When Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman are doing so well, in Hendrick-powered stuff, and Childress' stuff isn't very competitive, well, GM racing people have a big mess on their hands.

i think its time Mr.Childress

i think its time Mr.Childress cleans house...just how long is he willing to put up with running this way ? look at the past few years and really ask yourself if RCR has really been in the position to win a championship. THE ANSWER IS NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE. they have had a few shining moments, but really being competitive ????
not even close.
the same old Harvick B.S....gets close to contract time, shops himself around, nobody wants to put up with his baggage (and there is a ton),
all to come back to RC and get another contract extension, win a couple of races, and then slowly fade from the top 10 only to start bitching about cars, engines,crew, ECT.ECT.ECT.

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