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The chase, the chase...so where are the head games? Hey, better duck!

  Gentlemen, start your pies: NASCAR hits New York City (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   The chase is on, let the head games begin.
   Miller-sponsored Kurt Busch is challenging Bud-sponsored Kasey Kahne: Both men made the championship playoffs, and Busch is proposing that the higher finishing beer car in each of the 10 events 'earn' $2500 for a charity of its choice, with the higher finisher at the end of the chase 'earn' $25,000 for that charity too.
   Miller has promoted similar NASCAR challenges with its corporate rival over the years.

   At least that's not as silly as some of the promotional activities in New York City Thursday that NASCAR officials had the 12 playoff racers engage in -- like that pie-throwing contest.


What PR nitwit thought up

What PR nitwit thought up NASCAR's imitation of a Three Stooges movie?

We're working hard to figure

We're working hard to figure out who has to 'fess up on that one. I agree. It didn't make NASCAR look very professional in The Big Apple. Maybe it could get NASCAR on Page Six of the Post.....

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