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Crew chief Pat Tryson leaving Kurt Busch at the end of the season, and Busch says the timing isn't great

   Pat Tryson (L) and championship contender Kurt Busch (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

  By Mike Mulhern

   Kurt Busch is confirming that veteran crew chief Pat Tryson will be leaving the Penske camp at the end of the season, apparently to take a job with Michael Waltrip's Toyota operation, apparently running the Michael Truex Jr. operation when Truex joins Waltrip.
    And Busch concedes that -- with the championship chase starting in just a few days, and he and Tryson and Penske should be battling for the Sprint Cup title -- "The timing isn't all that good."
    Of course Busch himself decided in mid-2005 that he wanted to leave car owner Jack Roush, just months after winning the 2004 championship, to move to Penske's. So Busch said he would try to take Tryson's move in stride.
   "Yes, it's a change that's going to happen, and it's unfortunate that Pat made that decision now – because our focus really should be on the chase and making it into the chase….
    "We've got to get our Dodge into the chase and get off to a great start in the chase.
      "So it's been a tough week for that type of news.
      "But then the timing isn't all that good…..but it never really is, when you're trying to change directions in life. There is never really a good time to bring things up.
    "We've got more things to do with Pat; we're a good combination.
    "I can't be upset or disappointed in Pat. The way he helped turn our program around in 2007, we've had a great run together. And this has helped put him back on the map, so to speak.
    "You can't hold anyone back from their visions and dreams…"
   If Tryson does take over the Truex team, the next issue would be what happens to Truex' long-time crew chief Bono Manion, who could well stay at Chip Ganassi's and run with whoever Ganassi signs as his new driver, replacing Truex.

It's time for NASCAR to make

It's time for NASCAR to make a rule that drivers and team members cannot be tampered with during the season. It's the only sport that does not have rules against it during the season. One month is plenty of time to discuss and sign free agents in the off season. This news should not be breaking until AFTER the season, and Tryson should not have been talking to another team while trying to win a championship with another one.

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