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So this is what the 2011 NASCAR Chevy nose looks like: Tony Stewart reveals the new piece

 Tony Stewart (R) debuts the new-look nose on his 2011 Sprint Cup Chevy (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern


 After so many years with Roger Penske, ExxonMobil is moving its NASCAR sponsorship dollars to the Tony Stewart-Ryan Newman team, in what has to be welcomed shot in the arm for Stewart, who has been working hard over the past few months to put together a complete sponsorship package for his Hendrick-engineering-backed Chevy operation.
   And the announcement this week comes just as Stewart has fought his way back into Sprint Cup title contention, his most recent plus -- Sunday's rock'n-roll win over Clint Bowyer and Jimmie Johnson at NASCAR's key Los Angeles market track, California's Auto Club Speedway.

   Stewart, who has been in a funky media mood this summer, while struggling to get his second-year two-car team back in gear after such an impressive tour debut in 2009, was finally smiling again, in announcing the multi-year deal. Mobil1 will be co-sponsor with Office Depot.
   Stewart made note that ExxonMobil is "the largest company in the world."
   Getting this sponsorship, which opened up when Penske opted to drop ExxonMobil in switch to Shell/Pennzoil, reportedly after Mobil1 told him it wanted to drop its sponsorship dollars considerably, wasn't easy, Stewart said: "It's a hard time right now, a hard economy.
    "We're in good shape on the 14 car now.  This has fulfilled what we were looking for, to fill the void for Old Spice (leaving) next year.  It allows us to put that project behind us."
   On teammate Newman's side, however, there is still searching for more sponsorship.
    So Newman himself has been on something of a rampage lately on the tour, doing some of his hardest racing of the season the past few months, to make the sponsorship case. He did win at Phoenix in the spring, but he's been up-and-down most of the season
   However in his last seven runs, Newman has six top-10s, and a top-five finish just Sunday. And his worst finish during that stretch was an 11th at Richmond.

 The current NASCAR Chevy nose, on Stewart's California-winning car (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


Is it just the way the light falls in the photo, or is that car missing a splitter?
Probly just wishful thinking...

Wish list comes true...

@Decklid: It's "splitter-less"....Your wishes have been granted!


According to the article the 2011 nose for Chevy's have a braceless splitter. So I say the Nose on the pictured 2011 car of Tony's has a the new brace-less splitter.

An Improvement

Though one has to ask why there is a need for a splitter at all. Why not just go back to the old "snowplow" flush airdam?

A splitter increases

A splitter increases downforce on the front of the car. More front downforce, the better the car turns. Translation? Better racing.

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