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Psss! Wanna buy a real Roush hot-rod?

   By Mike Mulhern

   FONTANA, Calif.

   Win on Sunday, sell on Monday?
   That's no cliché, Jack Roush says.
   With Matt Kenseth now 2-for-2 this season, Roush says his high-performance street kit-cars are hot:
   "I was on Eli Gold's show Tuesday night, and Eli told me he'd talked to a friend of his in Bessemer, Alabama, that had a dealership -- Town and Country Ford -- and they had sold two cars that were Roush Performance cars, that we had modified for them, on Monday.
   "People came right in and said 'We've got to have this Roush-modified car.'
   "So the Ford people are really excited about the success we're having on the race track.
    "I've heard from Bill Ford, I've heard from a number of vice presidents throughout the company, I've heard from Edsel Ford. I've heard from two of the heirs from Henry that are active in the company.
   "The glass is definitely more than half-full with Ford Motor Company right now.
    "They've got a couple of great products coming in from Europe that'll be here in 18 months.
    "They're not out of cash.
    "They're not out of line in regard to the number of dealers.
    "It's a tough economy for anybody who sells any manufactured product or does service in our economy.
    "But the glass is more than half-full at Ford right now, and we're just adding some more good news for them."

Ford's Matt Kenseth fends off a pack of hungry Chevy drivers (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


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