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Kyle Busch is perfecting this pouting vanishing act....

Maybe Kyle Busch needs some anger management classes (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern

   DOVER, Del.
   Kyle Busch is not taking frustration very well.
   And Sunday, after a third straight disappointment here over the weekend, he stormed out of the track without comment.
   It's getting to be routine.
   Busch was running fifth in Sunday's 400-miler when what he thought was a loose wheel late forced him to make an unscheduled pit stop. He wound up a disappointed 23rd.
   So it was left to crew chief Steve Addington to explain things.  
   "It was a long day," Addington said. "We started out just tight…and then loose. It was just a balance we weren't expecting. 
   "Then we put a set of tires on that killed us. I don't know what the deal was. We made a little air pressure adjustment, and it just didn't go with what we had. 
    "We backed up and went a lap down until we got the Lucky Dog caution. 
    "We put our (tire) pressures back right, got another set of tires on there, and it was pretty good. 
   "I think on that last long green flag run Kyle was quick as anybody, other than Jimmie Johnson.  We were in contention. 
     "I don't know what happened then. We broke the splitter (front bumper) loose, and I don't know why.
     "Something slammed the splitter. Whether Kyle got into somebody with the right front and broke the splitter, and broke the braces out of the splitter….
    "He thought it was a flat tire because the splitter was flapping up and down and giving him a vibration. 
    "He came on pit road because he thought he had a flat. But it was the splitter. 
    "It was just one of those days."

I seem to recall Dale

I seem to recall Dale Earnhardt later in his career rushing to his helicopter after having "unsuccessful" runs. He would almost knock the cameramen out of his way he was going so fast. If they were quick enough to get a mic to him, he gave his typical smart-ass answers after a bad run. Since it was Earnhardt, his actions were okay because he was just so "competitive" and not because he was immature. Now everybody wants to blast Kyle Busch, especially Junior fans, for doing the same thing. It was wrong then and it's wrong now, but it's looked at differently now since it's Kyle Busch. I just wish someone on Fox or one of the other TV race shows would point this out, and that the print media would remember that as well.


Not a member of JR Nation by any means, but I think they have every right to chime in on Kyle. Kyle takes any chance he gets to dig on Juniors' troubles. Kyle has his own now and had them in last years chase. He needs to grow up, worry about Kyle Busch, and focus on the Championships that will come as a result, as he is a great driver.

I, too, recall Dale...and

I, too, recall Dale...and Kyle ain't him no matter how hard he tries or how hard he wishes it were so. He tries so hard to be the new Intimadator that it is almost painful (if it weren't so funny) to watch.

When he someday passes

When he someday passes Earnhardt on the career wins list, I guess that will give the Earnhardt fans more pain than Jeff Gordon doing it. I'm sure there will be some disclaimer they will attache to it, though.

Dale Sr had his moments...I

Dale Sr had his moments...I think most drivers do. Let's face it, it takes some mighty big egos to succeed at this level and sometimes those egos get in the way of presenting oneself professionally.

But Sr seemed to not come off as arrogant and spoiled as KB does. Was it Sr's hard work through the ranks and starting off poor? Was it a natural charm? I dunno...never knew the man personally though I met him a time or two. But going by interviews I've seen and comments from people who did know him, he was a hard man, but an honest one and one who would give you the shirt off his back. Somehow that honesty and integrity came through that rough, gruff exterior that he wanted the public to see.

Maybe KB is honest, maybe he works with charities, maybe he's a good guy. I don't know...don't know him personally. But going by the interviews and the reactions of people that have dealt with him, he somehow comes off as a spoiled rich kid brat. The honesty and integrity hasn't come through his abrasive personality.

He's a damn good driver, I'll give him that. But until he matures some...a whole lot actually, I could never compare him to the likes of Earnhardt, Pearson or Petty.

But, Darrell Walrtip and Earnhardt both were considered the young punks when they first started, so maybe KB can come around. He'll never be a DE, maybe more of a DW...

I'm Surprised

I'm surprised that anyone would even want to talk to Kyle. The big news was that Jr finished better than 30th. Now people will think he can drive. The truth will come out soon. A driver change, not a crew chief change, is the only thing that will help the 88 car.

You Taught Him To Run,

I've been a Kyle Busch fan since I first saw him in his second Busch race. The media has no business complaining that he runs away from these interviews because you're the ones who taught him to do it.

Early on when the media caught him after a bad day when his adrenaline was still racing and asked him baited questions he'd do exactly what you wanted -- say something ill-thought-out and controversial. Then you'd spend the next week beating him up for it.

When Kyle was first in Nascar he talked to reporters on good days or bad days. You trained him not to talk after the bad days so you've got no right to gripe about it now.

finally someone who knows

finally someone who knows what they are talking about!


I'll bet you it wouldnt take long for Kyle to change his attitude, if when he does run good, the media didnt bother to interview him. He can pull that crap only because he knows he can get away with it. Treat him just like a little kid if he wants to act like like one. My kids learned real fast that way.


It's not his fault,it was the crew chiefs! It's never Kyles fault. Had the car been right he would have never ran into the back of someone and broke his splitter.

It would be fitting

It be fitting if, after the next Kyle Busch win, he climbs out of the car in victory lane and the reporter says "Sorry, Kyle... we don't want to hear what you have to say" and walks away. Better yet, they go interview Dale Jr...

Poor Kyle - never liked,

Poor Kyle - never liked, never will. Cannot fathum why Gibbs hired him. I'm sure they were warned. Little jerk may bump his way to wins but he's too aggresive, nasty, poor attitude, etc. YUK! Would love it if the reporter would walk away from him. Maybe then Gibbs and the sponsors would do something about his sorry butt.

Baby Boy

First off, Kyle is nothing but a spoiled baby and acts like one about 90% of the time. He can't drive a bad race any better than anyone else out there and has proven that time and time again. He has had the good fortune however of driving well-funded and well prepared cars. He couldn't drive that garbage they been putting Jr. in any better than Jr. does, and when he ends up in one we see how he acts...like a child..It will come full circle on him one day...hopefully soon!


I think NO interview with Shrubby is the best kind of interview

Kyle Busch

Can all of you remember how many races Kyle Busch won with Hendrick. Let's see not many and how many cars did he tear up with Hendrick. Maybe one of these days he will grow up to be a MAN. NOT LIKELY he will always be a little baby when things don't go his way, he's not talking to anyone after a race he did not win,I say good no one wants to see him or hear his comments on how if everything was perfect I would have won the race.

Yes, he won 3 more than

Yes, he won 3 more than Junior has, and all before his 23rd birthday. Maybe by the end if next season Junior will cut that deficit in half, but I wouldn't bank on it.


Heres a suggestion , lets just give all the WINS to KYLe and then he would be HAPPY and stickin around to BOW for the crowd.

Anyone else that BUNTED the other cars out of the way like he has in the past would be in the HAULER , abandoning his car / truck , jumping the fence and vanishing after a race like he did last month on 2 occasions and IN THE HAULER.

He is rude , look how he treats his GIRLFREIND , but then if it was not for the $ she likely would not be around him.

Sorry you DO NOT WIN them all , although you lead the MOST laps , the 1 lap thast counts is the LAST ONE.

Kyle Busch is NO Dale Earnhardt

Anyone who compares Kyle Busch to Dale Earnhardt should have their head examined. Dale Sr worked his way to the top and did not have a contract at 15 years old.

As for Kyle and Dale Jr. Kyle appears to have a man crush on Dale Jr which is why he can't seem to stop talking about him. I remember when I was in elementary school, I told my Mom some kid was talking about me and she said he was just jealous. Seems similar to Kyles continuous barbs. Give it up Kyle, you will never be liked.

Dale Jr fans like him because he has class. He respects the sports history and is always humble, the antithesis of Kyle Busch. For you Kyle fans, look antithesis up if you need help.

And for you "Jr can't drive" commenters - Jr has a Daytona 500 win, an AllStar win and 2 Nationwide championships to Kyles ZERO.

Overall Junior has 18 Cup wins to Kyles 15 and 8 poles to Kyles 5.

Everyone has slumps. Even Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon missed the Chase during off years.

I guess there are a lot of

I guess there are a lot of experts needing their heads examined, because most drivers in the industry are not blind to his talent. I don't think Kyle is jealous of Dale Jr., I think he's just trying to figure out why a guy with half the talent has 10 times the number of fans. Probably has something to do with his name, but I could be wrong. It's laughable to throw a barb at Kyle Busch about having a contract at 15 when the only reason Dale Jr. is in the sport is because of his daddy. Junior would be racing street stocks at Concord if not for his name. His sister out drove him when they used to have identical late models.

As for the win count, the only one you need to look at is the number since the worst trade in sports history. Kyle is 11 years younger, so I don't see him having any problem passing Junior. I would be none too surprised if it happened this season.

Nice use of the word antithesis. I did not know a Junior fan could spell it, let alone use it properly.

Funny how Kyle says...

...that the problem at Junior's team is "never Junior" and yet carries himself the same way...Oh No, it's never Kyle's fault...I guess that's why he ditches interviews, so he doesn't have to throw his team and CC under the bus every time he doesn't win a race.

The guy can obviuosly drive a race car, but until he grows up some he's going to struggle to be accepted among a majority of the fans and those within the sport that aren't scared to tell you how they really feel.


Is the person that said Dale Jr. has been in bad equipment on drugs or something???? The equipment doesnt seem to be a problem for the other 3 drivers who have won 5 races this year collectively, more than any other team this year. So Kyle Busch is a jerk because he doesnt talk to the media when something goes wrong? Exactly how is that being a jerk. You idiots wait around all day for hime to open his mouth so when he does you can bash him for what he says, so what does he do? Doesnt open his mouth and you bash him for that as well. NASCAR rules say that you only have to address the media if you finished in the TOP 3, so as he finishes 23rd, he has no obligation to stay and address the media (who is trying to pry something that they can bash him for the rest of the week anyway.) You people are whats wrong with NASCAR, you complain about the drivers all being clones and boring, than we get someone like Kyle Busch who does not conform to the standard cookie cutter crap, and you hate him for it. I remember once when Darrell Waltrip said "Booo if you love DW!" and now he is revered. Dale Sr. was a complete jackass on and off the track for many years, it wasnt until his death that his fan base grew to the astronomical number it is today. Get over your massive obsession with Kyle Busch, if you dont like Kyle why do you people complain when you dont get to hear from him? Clearly he is in a lose lose situation with you hypocrites, so why address you at all. It appears he gets the same reaction from talking that he gets from remaining silent, so whats the point?

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