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It might be a long Sunday afternoon for the Gibbs bunch...but at least it should be exciting to watch

  Bossman J.D. Gibbs: Let's see, Hamlin-versus-Keselowski, Logano-versus-Biffle...and Kyle Busch sacked by the flu....a rough weekend for Toyota's top operation. Are those bull's-eyes on their rear bumpers? (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

   By Mike Mulhern

   FONTANA, Calif.
   This wide, fast two-mile track hasn't been known for theatrics or much high drama, but maybe NASCAR's moving this 500 from blazing hot Labor Day weekend to mid-October has actually put more sizzle in the game here at Auto Club Speedway.
   Saturday's Nationwide race was certainly a doozy. And Greg Biffle – who radioed his crew rather directly about his anger at Joey Logano – could face some penalties for the incident that put Logano in the wall.
   Logano rallied for the win, his second straight on the Saturday tour. But then his father, Tom, charged to pit road to confront Biffle – an action that resulted in NASCAR pulled the elder Logano's hardcard credentials.
   J. D. Gibbs, who runs Joe Gibbs Racing, says he expects Logano and Biffle to talk things out, even if they disagree.
   But in the Greg Biffle hauler it was all no-comment.
   "I don't know what happened before, but during the race Greg just called it out (that he was going to put Logano in the wall)," Gibbs said. "And that's not like Greg. So there must be something else there. I think Greg was mad about something they said the week or two before; I don't know exactly what that was.
   "But obviously it's frustrating, because we had a pretty good car…and then hitting the wall.
   "I think Joey and Greg are going to talk.
   "Tom and I talked with NASCAR, and Tom was contrite. I'm putting that in NASCAR's hands to handle."
   Here's the video: http://bit.ly/ptKzo
   And the Denny Hamlin-Brad Keselowski thing? Two weeks ago at Dover the two crashed. And they talked some trash again last weekend at Kansas.
   "It's nothing new…we've been here 18 years, and it comes and goes. There are always a couple of guys who rub you the wrong way.
   "As an owner, I just put that in their hands – handle it the right way, and don't get yourself in trouble.
   "My big thing is to talk, have the conversation. Even if you disagree, just talk. Have the conversation; it helps.
   "And for the most part our guys handle themselves the right way."
    Joey: "I didn't think we had a shot at it after Biffle tried to put us in the wall," Logano said of the Saturday 300. "Apparently that's the only way he thought he could beat us.
    "But we never quit; kept digging all day. You get mad, and you find a little bit more. The best revenge is putting that thing in victory lane."
    Again Hamlin and Keselowski found themselves too close for comfort late in the 300.
    "We were running right in the middle (of a three-wide), and I throttled up off the corner," Hamlin said. "Brad Keselowski I guess was having a push, and he was coming into the left-rear.  So I was looking in my left-side mirror, making sure he didn't get into us…and I was keeping my foot on the gas, and Greg Biffle got a big run, and he was there.
    "We just came up, and I was trying….well, if I hold my line low, Brad ends up wrecking us anyway off the corner.
    "Either way it was going to be a bad situation."
    So what is this Keselowki-Hamlin thing?  "He races hard no matter what, and he's got a big chip on his shoulder, he races that way," Hamlin said.  "And it's everyone going for a win there at the end."
   Those aren't the only worries facing Gibbs this Sunday morning: Kyle Busch has been fighting a severe case of the flu, and he's not getting any better. Busch, the Nationwide tour leader, started Saturday's 300 (thus getting points credit for relief driver Hamlin's finish), but couldn't make it very far.
   Busch says he's fighting a bad fever, and inside the car it aggravates that: "It's just temperature. When I get in the car and I get hot, I start not being able to see exactly straight."
   Gibbs: "We're keeping a six-foot radius around Kyle. He actually felt pretty good Saturday. But he's feeling worse today. He's taking IVs. But he's not feeling good, so we're going to be ready to make a change (early in the Cup 500), to David Gilliland."

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