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Daytona's paving and repaving projects: 1958, 1978...and now 2010 for 2011


                                        This is the original 1958 Daytona project



                                       This is the 1978 Daytona repaving project


                          And this is the depth chart for the upcoming Daytona repave


    Of course Daytona promoters have a game plan to promote this expensive project: fans who want a piece of the historic asphalt and get one if they  renew their 2011 Daytona 500 tickets....and tickets are being put on sale Saturday at www.daytonainternationalspeedway.com.


Cut the banking down....

Now is the time to cut the banking down so they can race for real, unrestricted. Mike, why is no one in the media talking about this? There is no better time ever than now to take 5-7 degrees out of these banks and let em race without a plate.

Lower Banking is Inferior Racing

fordpower, let's deal with the facts. Real racing is not unrestricted. Indeed, the entire history of NASCAR has shown this to be the case - as Chris Economaki so expertly notes in his book LET 'EM ALL GO! NASCAR was miles ahead of all the other sanctioning bodies when it came to controlling technology and thus costs and competitive levels.

Lower banking has shown itself to be inferior racing, by any objective measure, even in eras (the Ontario Motor Speedway era in particular) when racing on lower banking was genuinely good - inferior in competition, and grossly inferior in safety (Talladega is lightyears safer than flatter tracks where the severity of impacts has long been much higher). There is no credible argument for lower banking - on the contrary, as evidenced by the Gillian Zucker/Fontana story, there is need for higher banking at a lot of NASCAR tracks.

Restrictor plate racing has broken 40 official lead changes 24 times in the last 22 seasons, and with new pavement Daytona will break that competitive barrier on a more consistent basis now.

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