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Oh, my aching back: Jeff Gordon? Is it time to get the knife and solve problem?

What's the deal here, Jeff? How bad is this back thing? (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)



   By Mike Mulhern

   So what's the deal about Jeff Gordon's back?
   Once again he was complaining, said he'd been to the doctor, and in a couple days he'd let us all know what's going on.
   Will that affect him in Saturday night's Richmond 400?
   Did that big crash at Talladega aggravate Gordon's back?
   "I had another MRI, one that was more detailed this week, and I've got some information that I'm just not ready to release yet…or admit to," Gordon said.
   "We found some things and have a better diagnosis of it.
    "When I know how I'm going to treat it, I'll let you guys know.
     "I don't believe it's anything serious. It's just something that's causing the pain.
    "There's a little bit of arthritis, which is not totally unnatural, but there are also some other things that come from what they can understand -- from trauma, or a crash, or maybe just years of beating it up.
    "Heck, I don't know. I might have picked up my luggage or something and then tore something up in there.
    "So I don't know, but we have a better diagnosis of it. And I've got some experts that are giving me all the best scenarios, and when I know more, I'll let you guys know.
   "This will be a tough weekend, because of the G-forces and the braking you use here and the long runs that you have.
    "It will be tough on my back. We'll just have to fight through it."

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