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A TV 'Superman' hangs it up

By Mike Mulhern

   For some John Daly has been, for the past two years, one of the most powerful men in NASCAR.
   Never heard of him?
   Well, you haven't been reading his blog http://dalyplanet.blogspot.com/
   But you'd better believe those TV moguls up in New York and out in Los Angeles have.
   Daly has been a hard-hitting, sometimes ruthless, TV critic on the NASCAR scene, with exceptionally well-written and researched articles over the 2007 and 2008 seasons. Indeed, it's hard to figure out how one man could find so much time to sit in front a TV set and take such copious notes, without it being his fulltime job.
   Now, for some, Daly's dry sense of humor may have gone right over their heads.
   But usually he was dead-solid perfect in tagging them and bagging them. When he named names, it was often brutal.
   However now he's decided to call it quits. Daly just announced Wednesday's filing will be the final one for The Daly Planet.
   A new job apparently beckons.
   Some in TV-land may breathe a sigh of relief.
   But out here in NASCAR-world this will be a voice sorely missed.
   After all, somebody has to keep all these guys straight.

Well I hope the welcome mat

Well I hope the welcome mat is out for a Dalyplanet refugee. I like what I have seen so far. Keep it up. This sport needs some honesty.

we do our best...which may be

we do our best...which may be why Fox' David Hill has been too scared to bring back 'Pit Bulls.' And if Hill does finally show some spunk, maybe he could put that show on Friday nights -- in that spot where 'Tradin' Paint' used to be, before it too got the TV axe. I'm just afraid the TV execs are too afraid of doing any to tick off NASCAR. And that filters down. Brian France and Jim France and Lesa France Kennedy, the people running this sport, need to show some broad shoulders and let us get back to, as Junior Johnson would say, roll in the mud.

Well Mike,it appears with the

Well Mike,it appears with the passing of the Daly Planet Blog,you might be the Lone Ranger to his "Superman". All the hard questions might just fall on you to ask and perhaps you can pick up the TV angle somewhat as well. Lord knows these NASCAR boobs need someone rattling there cage. Thanks again for your forum.

Hi-ho, Silver! Feed me the

Hi-ho, Silver! Feed me the questions and I'll jump into the lion's den. Wouldn't be the first time I aggravated the high-and-mighty. Dale Earnhardt Sr. taught me a thing or two about how to do this job.....

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