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Top NASCAR Mexico racer killed

Carlos Pardo (Photo: NASCAR Mexico Series)

   By Mike Mulhern

   NASCAR's Mexico Series project suffered a major setback when one of NASCAR's top Mexico racers, Carlos Pardo, was killed Sunday in a savage crash at Puebla, Mexico.

   Pardo, a series champion, was leading the race when he was hit from behind, sending him spinning into an infield wall. When his car hit the wall, it exploded in a shower of pieces. This is a video of the crash HERE.
   Pardo ran in 74 NASCAR Mexico Series events, winning 10 races and eight poles. He was the 2004 series champion. He also competed in six NASCAR Camping World Series East races between 2004-05, and in the 2006 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Mexico City.
   Sunday’s event concluded due to the time limit following the accident. In accordance with the series rule book, the finishing order reverted back to the last completed green-flag lap and Pardo, who was leading at that time, was declared the winner.
   Pardo’s brother, Ruben, also competes in the NASCAR Mexico Series and has competed in the NASCAR Camping World Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series.


Prayers to Pardo and his

Prayers to Pardo and his family. That was a horrific crash.

NASCAR Mexico should have NEVER had that blunt end at the END of long straightaway like that. That's just poor safety practice. The blunt end needs to go at the beginning of the straightaway so that if there is an impact it will be at a much lower speed. That barrier rail should have been extended the length of that straightaway. Maybe that issue will get fixed now, but it's sad we had to lose a driver from such an obvious and easily fixable safety problem.

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