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Now here's a good idea: testing COT tweaks on post-race Mondays

David Reutimann, on the charge, says Monday testing might be a good, cheap idea for improving the COT (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

   By Mike Mulhern

   BROOKLYN, Mich.

   NASCAR is telling crews it would like to tweak the car-of-tomorrow/today, to make it race better. But so far it's unclear when or how, or even if the sanctioning body will actually do anything.
   So David Reutimann says he likes the idea of a new NASCAR testing policy – having teams stick around the track Mondays for post-race tweaking of the car.
   "I think that would probably be a pretty good idea…. but the tweaks we might want to make on the car might be a little more complicated than just using Sunday's car….like we might have to change the nose.
   "But I do think you could bring a car to test on that Monday, and send most of your guy's home but keep your base guys with you and spend a day trying things. We're already here to begin with, already got hotel rooms, already paid the expense of being here, and Mondays the track is going to be rubbered up just like in a race.
   "I think it would be a viable option; it's something they could look at.
   "We would have to have some kind of test plan set up coming in, so different guys are trying different things. And at some point we could all come to agreement that 'this was better, and this was not.'
   "They're talking about downforce issues, splitter (front bumper) heights so you can have a little more 'travel' in the front of the car.
   "I do think we can make them a little better just by refining stuff…not wholesale changes."


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