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The hottest buzz about NASCAR is.....

She can market the hell out of a product....but can she drive a stock car? (Photo: IndyRacingLeague)

   By Mike Mulhern
   BROOKLYN, Mich.
   It is ironic -- maybe much more than just ironic -- that the hottest buzz about NASCAR out in the real world this week is:
   -- not about Tony Stewart's Pocono win, the first for an owner-driver in more than 10 years;
   -- not about Kyle Busch's guitar-smashing antics after winning in Nashville;
   -- not about Jeremy Mayfield and his fight with NASCAR;
   -- not about little-guy Carl Long in his David-vs-Goliath battles with NASCAR:
   Nope. None of the above.
   The real hot buzz is about NASCAR's TV/fan slump…and the woman who many think can help turn the sport around.
   A woman who has never even raced one of these Sprint Cup machines.
   Yes, Danica Patrick.
Just do a youtube search for Danica and see what this is all about: HERE.
Now out in the NASCAR garage Ms. Patrick is not getting much respect from drivers and crews, not as someone who could actually handle this job, not as someone who could match wits and fenders with Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards.
   But out in the real world, where hype is hot, it's all about Danica.
   Here, many believe she's just playing the NASCAR card in order to get a better Indy-car deal for next season. Many believe she has no desire to play this game.
   And given how long it has taken some Indy-car stars, like Sam Hornish Jr., to get a feel for this, many in NASCAR sense Danica Patrick simply doesn't have the fire in the belly.
   Not to mention the fact that she can get paid well for running half as many races, with only a half-dozen or so real strong rivals…..where here in NASCAR, well, just ask Hornish how easy this is.
    My take – someone should offer Danica Patrick a NASCAR ride.
    Better yet, give Sarah Fisher a shot too.....
   Let's just see what they can really do with a NASCAR stocker.
   Hey, so maybe they squeeze a couple of start-and-parkers out of the field....

Maybe it is time for NASCAR to look for a sexier image. Sarah Fisher can drive Indy-cars; maybe she can run NASCAR too. (Photo: IndyRacingLeague)


Huh? Danica Patrick the

Huh? Danica Patrick the hottest NASCAR buzz?

Sorry Mike, I don't buy it. She is well-known around the country, yes, but she was pretty well known before she got one of Bobby Rahal's IRL cars in 2005 because of shots like this, not because she has any racing talent (heck, it seems these photo spreads are why she gets rides at all). And for all her marketability, it's done nothing for the IRL - I suspect people aren't stupid enough not to know when they're basically being conned (which helps explain near-universal rejection of the COT etc.) and people seem to see through Danifraud.

I watch IRL for racing like this and this, not for Danifraud.

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