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And that big last lap Shootout crash? Well, here's Jeff Gordon's Take

  Not everyone had as good a night as Shootout winner Kevin Harvick. Here Carl Edwards (99), who dominated much of the race, hits the skids....(Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

    So the first few days of SpeedWeeks have been a little, well, weird. And when Jeff Gordon slammed into Greg Biffle in the final moments of Saturday night's Bud Shootout, triggering a big crash for which NASCAR – on a very slow call – finally threw a caution, well, it just added to the aura of strangeness here.
    "Oh, man, it was just a green-white-checkered flag race," Gordon said after that race-ending crash.
    "We got a great run down the back straightaway. Matt Kenseth was pushing me. I got to Greg (who was running on worn tires), and I was just pushing and pushing and pushing...almost had to move to the inside of him.
    "Then he kind of closed the door....and I was just pushing.
     "We went into the corner, and he just spun right out.
     "I don't know if he had a tire go down, or if it was just that he was on old tires and couldn't take that kind of a push.
     "They said that bump-drafting is okay now -- so that's what it's going to take to win the race.
     "He was thanking me for the push, and I was trying to push him up there to win the race or finish right there behind him anyway.
    "I just had so many guys stacked up behind me, pushing me, and I was just pushing him.
    "It's hard to say really, in that situation, without seeing it on camera, whether he had a tire going down or not.
    "He made it through turns one and two okay, and we were pushing him real, real hard.
    "And the fact that they stayed out of there on old tires was definitely going to make his car not handle quite as good.
    "At that point you don't have a choice -- They're pushing you, and you're pushing the guy in front of you, and when that's the situation, you hope that in Greg's position that you get in there and the car sticks. And in that situation it didn't stick, for whatever reason.
     "It came around in a hurry, that's for sure.
      "I was wanting to push him, I wasn't wanting to spin him.
     "I hit him real hard one time, and it made him go up the track down the straightaway and I almost got to the inside of him.
     "If I could have done that, I think we might have had a shot at the win."
      But the 150s Thursday should be a little more cautiously paced, Gordon says.
      "I think guys are going to be a little smarter," Gordon said. "That's your 500 car.
     "You can't really do much bump-drafting in here at Daytona.
     "You can do it down the straightaways, on a two-or-three lap shootout like that. So I would think if there's a caution with a few laps to go, you'll see it.
    "Once we get to the 500, that's a totally different deal.
     "Man, it's the Daytona 500, and everybody is going to be going for it, and you're going to see a lot more risk being taken, and for good reason.
      "You'll see plenty of action and plenty of bump-drafting."
     The larger restrictor plate provided drivers with maybe another 12 to 15 horsepower, a little more acceleration. "The cars were pretty out of control, which was fun at times," Gordon said. "You had to really drive them.
    "But we've got to get our car handling maybe a little bit better."


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PUSH? yea right

PUSH? yea right

when he hit someone so hard

when he hit someone so hard their rear wheels are off the ground at 190 mph in a corner yes you will crash. come on little man take some responsiblity for taking out half the field.

Good Job Jeff. I like seeing

Good Job Jeff. I like seeing the agression again

Gordon's the one who said it

Gordon's the one who said it was dangerous to bump draft in the corners, Hamlin cried about it, Nascar allows it again and Boom ya got a last lap wreck. Expect more of it. Now we all know Jeff Gordon is a experienced driver who wouldn't wreck the Biff on purpose, but Greg made a big mistake not taking tires, Daytona is a handling track, unlike Talladega and with Gordon and about eveybody else on stickers he was a sitting duck. Greg also said he thought he had a tire going down, and had he also been on stickers it's less likely he would have turned around so easy. Weather Gordon caused it or not it doesn't really matter it was the Bud Shootout, not the 500.

Biffle shoulda taken tires,

Biffle shoulda taken tires, big mistake, he could barely hang on let alone race for the win. Nascar wants bump drafting, so quit crying like Denny "im tough racing with my busted knee" Hamlin does.

if you saw it you would know

if you saw it you would know that it wasnt that hard of a hit, then again it wont take much to earnhardt the whole field.

If ya keep blocking them the

If ya keep blocking them the whole race,your turn will come.Boohoo Biffie.

I think Biffle thanked him

I think Biffle thanked him with one finger instead of five after that last "push".

I have a weird thought... I

I have a weird thought...

I know, numbers of victories, etc...but bear with me.

Everyone talks about how Jeff Gordon is not super aggressive, and he's always been the senior ambassador...etc...since...let's see...maybe 2001? He's always the one standing up for safety, and NASCAR rules, and stuff...

People attributed it to his marriage(s), his kid...

Did anyone wonder what happened to him after the 2001 Daytona 500? I mean, if you look at the relationship he and the Intimidator had...I dunno...maybe he decided then it was time to be a less aggressive driver...

...perhaps this new "mandate" from NASCAR showed "ok maybe we've gotten too non-aggressive." I loved seeing the pushpushpush at Daytona. Jeff did not say "well NASCAR is stupid for letting us bump-draft." He just did it. He even said if he had kept going after Biffle spun he could have won the race...

anyway...I've only been watching since 2006 but I've been reading my history...

You know everyone wants to

You know everyone wants to keep pointing at NASCAR for poor races, I think someone needs to point at one of the real problems, the drivers. Since the green, white, checkered has been instituted very few races see the checkered. Drivers of years past would race, I think we all remember the pass in the grass. The drivers of today just run over each other causing a caution and end to an otherwise exciting finish. In years past if a driver kept tearing up cars he lost his ride, not so today. A little car control would be a great thing, wished these drivers could learn it, but do not see that happening in the near future. Why would they, they can tear up cars left and right and still make millions of dollars, who cares whether the fans get to see the checkered flag right. By the way I am not pointing at just Gordon, my wife is a big fan, this is to drivers in general all are guilty.

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