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So where's the honeymoon? Scott Speed takes himself off the list of eligible NASCAR bachelors



Scott Speed: Wedding Bells are ringing (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern




   Scott Speed will become the newest NASCAR star to tie the knot. He and Amanda Mathis, from King, N.C., are to be married in July.

  Want a Daytona 500 hotdog? Prices have just been cut from $4 to $3. Or you can get four dogs for $10.

   Kyle Busch has some good advice for his new teammate, Joey Logano: "Get the right people with him. 
   "I've got a great company -- Motorsports Management International -- and they help support me, with Jeff Dickerson agent and Cody Selman.
   "Bill Janitz has done a great job since he's come on (as PR whiz).
   "It's all about people.  I came into this deal and didn't have anybody; I was doing it on my own. 
    "I had a PR person, but when I would fly home after the races, it was me thinking about what went on. I wasn't getting asked questions about what I could have done differently, or talked to about what could have happened differently.
    "Just having people teach you the right things, you can grow up a little quicker. 

    "Since I've had that -- about a year and a half now -- I have probably grown up 10 times faster than I did in the first two years. You  guys have seen me in the sport:  It's definitely helped."

   Denny Hamlin is going the extra mile in promoting NASCAR racing this season – he's buying race tickets and giving them away to fans.
   "It's something I'm really excited about doing," Hamlin says. "Fans can go to DennyHamlin.com/seats, and they can sit in my seats each week at every single race track that we go to.  
   "We're going to be giving away tickets to fans.
   "They enter, and we'll choose a handful.
    "It's for everyone.  It doesn't matter if you're in your Dale Jr. gear, it matter to me.  I just want to help race fans out that don't have the means to, or have gone for the last 20 years and aren't able to now because of financial reasons.
   "The minimum will be four a race, but some races will be more obviously like Richmond."


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