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The most famous words in racing: the check is in the mail....

   By Mike Mulhern

   POCONO, Pa.
   Richard Petty and the Roger Penske team say Chrysler is behind in its NASCAR payments, apparently because of the Chrysler bankruptcy.
   Chrysler's Mike Accavitti, the company's racing boss, released a statement on that:
   "The amount of engineering and other technical services, along with supply of racing components we provide to the Dodge factory-backed teams has not changed.
   "NASCAR remains a strategic part of our marketing plan and the Dodge brand.
   "Every race weekend many NASCAR fans load their families into Dodge vehicles and drive to the track to enjoy an afternoon or evening of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing.
    "We have commitments to the sport and our teams and plan to continue our sponsorship into the foreseeable future." 
     "As we have previously stated, we remain committed to our Dodge factory-backed teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
    "During our Chapter 11 reorganization, Chrysler has strictly followed each and every step of the court-supervised process according to bankruptcy law.
   "Interruption to the normal course of business, including supplier payments, is inherent during this process. 
   "As part of the reorganization, we are not only working as directed by the court, but with all of our suppliers and partners.
   "Our goal is to move through this process as quickly as possible, and emerge a new, stronger car company with many strategic advantages."

Check's in the Mail

Chrysler was already slow in getting the money to the teams before the bankruptcy. Now it's even slower.The teams have to stand in line behind the marketing and advertising companies who are owed much more than the race teams are.


Lots of people not getting PAID , doubt Petty or Penske are going to lose their homes as a result of the CHRYSLER FIASCO , not like MANY workers who worked for suppliers of CHRYSLER or DEALERS that are closing their doors.

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