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Kevin Harvick may be riding high, but he certainly doesn't look very happy

   Car owner Richard Childress (R) says he'll have a new deal with Kevin Harvick (L, with wife DeLana) by the end of the month....but Harvick himself doesn't seem so sure (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

    By Mike Mulhern

    DOVER, Del.
    For a guy atop the Sprint Cup standings, and working for a car owner who wants to sign him to a new contract, Kevin Harvick should have a lot to smile about.
    Think again.
    Harvick declined again Friday to discuss his contract negotiations with team owner Richard Childress for 2011.
    Harvick's current contract ends at the end of the season, and last week Childress indicated he expected to have Harvick signed to a new contract by the end of this month.
   However Harvick himself may not be on that same page.
   At Darlington Harvick, almost angrily, refused to talk about the negotiations.
   Then twice here Friday Harvick was pointedly asked about those talks, and both times he declined to comment at all, simply ignoring the questioners.
    Ornery? For a man leading the NASCAR points, Harvick ought to be ecstatic.
   But clearly Harvick is not very happy about something?
   "I really just don't like any of the tracks we go to in May, for our history at them," Harvick said.
   "Charlotte is our worst track; Darlington is our second worst track. And this track isn't very good for us either.
   "This month is a challenge for me personally.
    "Last week (a sixth place finish) was like a victory at Darlington. And maybe we can have the same thing happen here...and the same thing happen at Charlotte.
     "That will really tell us what the performance of our cars are. 
      "We have run well at Pocono, and we get to go to Indy and a lot of places we really enjoy….like Loudon and a couple of road courses.
     "It's just that this month is a challenge, for the tracks we go to. So you have a lot going through your mind, just a lot of stuff going on. And you are trying to stay focused on what we are doing to do the best, and not let those past results affect what you do now."
     Well, okay, but how about a smile here and there?
    Hey, maybe Harvick, though not an Indy-car racer by trade, might be willing to take up promoter Bruton Smith's offer to pay a $20 million bonus to any driver who can win both the Charlotte 600 and Indy 500 the same weekend?
   "If he's really realistic about it, then he should move his (Charlotte) race to Saturday night (before the 500)," Harvick said. 
    "Move your race to Saturday night and put your money where your mouth is -- Give everybody a realistic shot at it. 
    "Move the Coke 600 to Saturday night, and let Tony Stewart and Juan Montoya and Casey Mears and all these guys that really could do it have a shot. It's not a show if you don't give everybody a realistic shot. 
    "That way those guys can really prepare for it (the double), and be in the cars at the right time. Give them a fair shot."
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   For $20 million, would Danica try the Double, Indy and Charlotte? (Photo: Indy Racing League)

Unhappy Harvick

I have been a fan of RCR for many years so therefore have also been a fan of Kevin's. Not just because he drives for RCR but I have always liked his drive and desire to win. However, he blames RCR for poor cars but I have sensed for sometime that he is pouting and NOT giving his all to RCR and the 29 team. I think he is laying down on the job. Maybe it is time to fire Kevin, even though there are not a lot of top tier drivers available. And lately Kevin has not been so top tier himself, and it's not the cars.

I really like Kevin's

I really like Kevin's intensity, and his willingness to run his own racing operation on the side KHI, which shows Cup potential. And, yes, the RCR cars the last couple of years simply haven't been up to snuff. But now Scott Miller has things working, and RCR's crew chiefs -- Todd Berrier, Gil Martin and Shane Wilson -- are top-notch. The drivers, however, seem too self-centered (except for Jeff Burton, the new Mark Martin). From my sources the other drivers have tried to shop themselves around, with some of RCR's sponsors, and that's not good politics. But for Kevin, what stuns me is here's a guy trying to land a sponsor and contract for 2011, and he's leading the points, looking strong, and yet he's acting like a spoiled brat -- pouting is right. what does that show any potential sponsor? On Kevin's side of it, he's a smart enough businessman that he should be able to turn KHI into a Cup operation....and yet NASCAR's rules and policies work against him in that. Where's the Alan Kulwicki attitude that Brian France professes to appreciate? NASCAR has become an increasingly closed society, and if you can't land a Detroit-backed engine deal, you're up the creek. That is NASCAR's fault. Fix it, Daytona. Engines. That's the key to getting more new team owners in this sport. Ask James Finch. If it's broke, then fix it.

Harvick's Attitude

I don't know what Kevin's problem is but he is embarrassing himself, his 29 team, KHI, RCR and most importantly, Richard Childress. Last year he blamed it on equipment which I admit was not up to RCR standards but I did not hear any whining from Jeff or Clint and the cars are certainly better this year. Also, he is leading the points at this time but I feel like he is laying down on the 29 team and RCR. I have been an RCR fan a long time and a Kevin fan since he started driving for RCR, not just because he was with RCR but I liked his fire, drive and desire to win. However, his childish behavior is starting to turn me off. Maybe it's time Richard showed him the door at the end of the season even though there is going to be a shortage of top tier drivers next year. Apparently he doesn't have one in the 29 car now.

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