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Joey Logano is starting to hit his stride...and he just turned 19

Joey Logano is getting more comfortable with his new NASCAR life (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern

   POCONO, Pa.
   Another week, another track that rookie Joey Logano has never seen before.
   So what does this 19-year-old think about this place, with its long, long front stretch and weird corners?
   Logano has gotten hot the past month – three top-10s in his last five starts -- but he couldn't get any fast laps in here Friday, because of rain. So he let Mike McLaughlin and Denny Hamlin give him a ride-around in rental cars. "That's pretty much all you can do right now, 'cause it's raining and it's not going to let up anytime soon," Logano says.
   "I did simulators, watched tapes, talked to as many people as I can.
   "You can have it figured out in your mind, but you've got to figure it out once you get out there.  It's going to look a little different, and it takes time to realize what everyone is talking about. 
   "This place is completely different. I came off turn three in the rental car and got to the front straight and was like 'Oh, my God.' I mean it's long. 
    "It's going to be interesting.
    "It's a tough place I'm sure to get a handle on the car.
    "I relate this to Darlington, because I'd never been there, and I was worried about that place. 
    "Hopefully this goes as good as Darlington."
   Greg Zipadelli, Logano's crew chief, is riding the wave but he says he's wary: "This is one of those tougher places on our circuit. It's a good thing we're shifting, not adding that element.
    "It's fun because the driver has to be able to give and take a lot here. You see them sliding these cars around an awful lot.
   "It's a little bit of a driver's track. It'll be fun to watch Joey's progress through the weekend here.
    "Some places he just adapts to really well.  Denny (Hamlin) came here the first time a bunch of years and ran really well right off the bat.  
    "The good thing is we've got two real good teammates he can go lean on.
     "At Dover it was survival -- trying to stay on the lead lap and adjust your car…let him learn."

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