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Jimmie Johnson says NASCAR needs to reassess the testing ban


Jimmie Johnson, sporting a new, tougher look this season, has had a ragged start, at Daytona and California (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern

   NASCAR's testing ban is being debated in the stock car garage, and three-time champion Jimmie Johnson says he thinks the ban, over time, will hurt the sport.
   "Once we get to June and July, we'll have a better understanding of whether the testing ban has helped our sport or hurt it," Johnson says.
  "The simulation programs are good, to understand ideas, but on-track is really the best thing.
  "We've come up with a lot of good ideas through simulations, but you have to validate all those out on the track.
   "Over a period of time, the testing ban will hurt….and there will be more separation between the top and the bottom teams for sure.
   "I know that there is a large group, and it appears to be growing, in favor of keeping this testing ban. But I'm certainly not in favor of that.
   "I think we need on-track testing to advance the cars.
   "It's so hard to advance technology when you only get two hours of practice at the track, it's tough to work in new stuff.
  "With such limited on-track activity, if you get in a hole, it's impossible to get out.
   "And if a team catches on to something, like it appears Matt Kenseth has, that team will be able to hold on to that edge for a much longer period of time."



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