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It's good news week for NASCAR's Chevy teams...but with a caveat -- do more to sell GM cars, and get 'greener'

GM's Chevy VP Ed Peper: NASCAR teams better start helping GM sell cars (Photo: GM)

   By Mike Mulhern


   POCONO, Pa.
   NASCAR's GM teams got good news Wednesday from a key executive, Ed Peper, who is General Motors' North American VP for Chevrolet.
   GM will continue full-bore in NASCAR, Peper says, as well as in its other racing programs, including the NHRA, American LeMans sports car tour, the 24 Hours of LeMans, and its various short-track programs.
   But Peper warned that all GM racing teams will have to show a better 'return on investment,' and he said that sales will become a major item in the whole package.
   Peper says no major cuts are planned.
   However Peper says he wants GM's NASCAR teams to provide higher profile support of GM.
   And Peper says 'green' racing, including alternative fuels, will have to be added to the mix, though he's not yet offering any specifics.

Mr Peper cannot be afforded by US taxpayers

This company is on US taxpayer welfare to the tune of $50 BILLION (so far) and this clown says that GM racing programs are going to be "full bore". Where does he get the idea that he is entitled to such extravagances at taxpayer expense? I say that Mr peper should have been the first one to have been given a pink slip. Unbelievable arrogance!

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