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Sponsor Jack Daniels leaving NASCAR and team owner Richard Childress

   By Mike Mulhern

   Richard Childress will be losing sponsor Jack Daniel's at the end of the season, the team announced Monday.
   What happens next for that one of Childress' four teams is unclear. Casey Mears currently drives those cars.
   "A change in Brown-Forman's spending priorities led to the decision to conclude the sponsorship that began in 2005," the team said, referring to the parent company of Jack Daniel's.
   "Jack Daniel's has enjoyed a good five-year run with Richard Childress Racing and NASCAR, and we are pleased with the overall performance of our sponsorship program," Tim Rutledge, vice president and brand director for Jack Daniel's, said. "We have enjoyed building strong relationships with the people in Richard's organization and throughout NASCAR. 
    "While it is difficult for us to end our formal relationship with RCR, the current economic environment has compelled us to revaluate our spending and we've concluded that other areas in the marketing mix require additional investment." 

Now the interesting question

Now the interesting question is: What to do with Casey Mears?

The real blame for this

The real blame for this situation goes on UPS since they tried to steal Clint Bowyer last year and move him to another Chevy mega team. When that ultimately didn't work out, RCR got left holding the bag on a jacked up salary for Clint and JD was left with Casey Mears and a bad taste in their mouth. Too bad.

Shouldn't hired Casey Mears

Shouldn't hired Casey Mears to start with. Put Travis Kvapil in the mix! Better still get Bobby Labonte back with General Mills @ RCR, I betcha Jack Daniel might reconsider dropping out of the sport with Clint Bowyer up for grabs.

Clint Bowyer and Jack Daniel was a perfect match. The same with Dale Earnhardt, Jr and Budweiser. Can't raise no hell drinkin' AMP energy drink? Are you serious???? And it's nasty too! (;-P~~

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