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Paul Menard leaving Ford and jumping to Chevrolet and Richard Childress in 2011

 Ford's Richard Petty (L), talking with Paul Menard (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern


   Another major shakeup is just being announced in NASCAR team rosters, with car owner Richard Childress announcing Wednesday that he's signed "a multi-year partnership agreement"  to run Paul Menard, with Menards -- the family-owned home improvement business -- as the primary sponsor of what will be Childress' fourth Sprint Cup team.
   Menard, currently driving for Ford's George Gillett-Richard Petty operation, would thus become teammate with Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton and Clint Bowyer.
   The Menards company is the third-largest such company in the U.S., behind Lowe's and Home Depot.
   Childress issued a brief statement: "Paul has developed into a very good race car driver, and we see his move to RCR next year as an opportunity for him to continue that progress.
   "We feel Paul will contribute to the continued progress and success of RCR.
   "Paul will fit in perfectly with our team of drivers at RCR, and they are all looking forward to working with him.
   "We're also very proud to be aligned with Menards, one of the great family business success stories in American history."
   Menard, in his fourth season on the Cup tour, is 23rd in the standings.
   Menard himself also issued a brief statement: "Richard Childress Racing has shown this year that they're headed on the right track.
   "Having three cars competing for the chase, and ultimately the championship, is no small feat, and they're on top of their game.
   "With that in mind, and having known Richard for the past 10 years or so, when this opportunity to join RCR came about it was a no-brainer.
   "I have always had the utmost respect for Richard and what his organization has accomplished in the past and what they're capable of achieving in the future."


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 Paul Menard: from Ford to Chevrolet (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

With all the talk from

With all the talk from Richard Childress' brief statement of "Paul" this...and..."Paul" that...How 'bout inserting "Paul's family money" instead of "Paul"

So Kasey is gone, Elliott is

So Kasey is gone, Elliott is gone, Menard is going, both as a driver and sponsor, and Budweiser is gone. How much trouble is RPM n for the 2011 season?

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Maybe Petty will go the Wood

Maybe Petty will go the Wood Bros. route of a limited schedule, but then again, who going to sponsor the team? Motorcraft? Now that Petty is with Ford now. Wouldn't it be interesting as the Woods & the Pettys hook up as a team. That would be like the Hatfields & the McCoys standing together, holding hands and singin' Kum-ba-ya.

But then again, Kyle Petty did break the straw in the early 80's joining the Wood Bros to stake his own claim.

Disappointing for RPM & Ford,

Disappointing for RPM & Ford, but understandable considering the financial state of the RPM organization vs. the stability & performance of RCR.


Don`t matter what his Daddy

Don`t matter what his Daddy tells him to drive. He ain`t going to victory lane.
I like Menard. He wants to stay with Ford because he rides to work on the biggest jet in NASCAR and feels safe an comfortable.
He had a good chance with Ford. His Daddy don`t have a clue about NASCAR racing.
Too bad for the boy.

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