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A number of major U.S. TV markets will preempt the Bristol 500 to show NFL Preseason games

   By Mike Mulhern

   BRISTOL, Tenn.
   The long arm of the National Football League is already affecting NASCAR's TV coverage:
   Saturday night's Bristol 500, on ABC, will be pre-empted and/or bumped around in a number of cities:
   In Detroit WXYZ will show the race from 7:30 pm till 9 pm on its Digital Tier 2 channel, then switch to primary channel at 9 p.m., due to coverage of annual Woodward Dream Cruise.
   In Houston KTRK will show the entire race on its DT2 channel, due to coverage of the Houston Texans pre-season game.
   In Richmond, Va. WRIC will show the entire race on WUPV-TV, due to coverage of the Washington Redskins pre-season game.
    In Weslaco, Texas, KRGV will show the entire race on its DT2 channel due to coverage of the Dallas Cowboys pre-season game.
    In Madison, Wisconsin, WKOW will show the entire race on its DT2 channel due to coverage of the Green bay Packers pre-season game.
    In LaCrosse, Wisconsin, WXOW will show the entire race on its DT2 channel and in-market on CW station due to coverage of the Green Bay Packers pre-season game.
    In Wausau, Wisconsin, WAOW will show the entire race on its DT2 channel and in-market on CW station due to coverage of the Green Bay Packers pre-season game.
    And in Joplin, Missouri, KODE and in St. Joseph, Missouri KQTV are both showing Kansas City Chiefs pre-season games, and neither station has a DT2 channel, and due to limited alternate clearance options in the markets, the race will not air in either market.

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A good reminder that racing

A good reminder that racing in a lot of peoples eyes is still a minor league sport. Remember about 20(?!?!?!?)years ago when Derrick Cope won Daytona. My local station in Seattle preempted the game to show NBA basketball, then switched over after being flooded with phone calls. Well a least it's not informericals

sometimes, judging from the

sometimes, judging from the comments from nascar's tv announcers, this thing does sound like some informercial......

does anyone know what channel

does anyone know what channel Houston (KTRK)  will show entire race on its DT2 is on Direct TV?

wish i knew. wish i knew what

wish i knew. wish i knew what a dt2 is. lol. but you can get some answers (and i'm sure this isn't a one-time deal) probably by hitting me up on my twitter thing, mikemulhern on twitter. some of 'my people' may have an answer.
btw, i cant believe this situation just cropped up. is this like the time at phoenix where abc dropped the last part of the november race to show america's funniest home videos?

Regarding the Joplin,

Regarding the Joplin, Missouri market not showing the race; I grew up 30 miles from Joplin....and find it both humorous and disgusting that there were no options available for the race to be shown, considering that the race was pre-empted for a Chiefs (who are truly pathetic) preseason game AND it is the hometown of Jamie McMurray, who is having arguably his best season ever at the Cup level.

Wow.....I feel bad for

Wow.....I feel bad for anybody lame enough to watch preseason football. Especially when there's a race at Bristol.

NASCAR is getting what it

NASCAR is getting what it deserves.

The NFL has not gimmicked up the game, its promotional efforts revolve not around the brand but around the game, and between a sensible economic policy and the spreading of talent (playing and coaching) around the league, the playing field is as level as it's ever been (since the Cowboys last won the Superbowl the game has seen ten different winners and eighteen participants in 14 runnings, it has seen stunning finishes seven times in that span, and did you ever think you'd live to see the Tampa Bay Bucs and New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl, never mind reach it?). The NFL is a game where a playoff format works. And high-scoring matchups are a norm.

The NFL has stuck with the fundamentals of the game. What NASCAR has done in that span is slowly but steadily get away from the fundamentals of its game, with poorly-conceived solutions to various competitive problems (excessive speeds, dirty air stopping passing as opposed to supporting it, the emphasis on gaining points at the expense of fighting to win) aggravated by growing meddling in the competition from the officiating tower (a reality the "Boys Have At It" approach has done nothing to change while feeding irresponsible on-track behavior) ultimately reaching the state of an absurd playoff format hoisted onto the sport whose promised improvements in competition and ratings have never appeared.

If local ABC affiliates find it preferable to air NFL preseason games instead of the Volunteer 500 at Bristol, then NASCAR (and Bristol) are getting what they deserve.

Really? Football has stuck to

Really? Football has stuck to the fundamentals of the game? Not sure about that bud. The NFL has become a league where every hit on the quarterback results in a fine. How about handicapping defensive corners with ridiculous rules that all but give teams open receivers to throw to? How about pushing the season to an insane 18 games? This is a league where holding is called based on where your playing. Home cooking is always present as is favored calls for golden boys like the Colts and the Patriots. The NFL is quickly becoming the arena football league. Can you honestly say that the 2007 Giants deserved to be the champions of the nfl? What a fluke.Why do you even bother to call yourself a Nascar fan? You and many like you have no clue. The racing this year has been better than it has ever been and I have watched for a long time. While it's true I am not a huge fan of the Chase, I am also not opposed to it. Can you look at any Chase champion and say that he didn't deserve it because I can't. Jimmie Johnson has had the best season the last 4 years hands down. Tony Stewart had the best season in 2005. The only upset winner, Kurt Busch, has proven that he is a champion both on and off the track. I love Nascar racing and I love Bristol. The NFL is an overhyped, thug mongering waste of time. I'll stick to Nascar and College Football thank you.

Hey, I like your style, dude:

Hey, I like your style, dude: "an overhyped, thug mongering waste of time"


Anonymous, football is still

Anonymous, football is still about throwing the ball and scoring and it is still the deepest in competitive depth of any sport. If you watched the Superbowl you saw that they still let teams hit quarterbacks. The only changes they've made have been to increase scoring. And grow up about the 18-game schedule - the CFL has played 18-game schedules forever, the USFL was an 18-game schedule, the AFL is going to an 18-game schedule, there is no reason not to do it for the NFL.

As for competitive depth, NASCAR has seen only three teams win titles the last ten years; in that same span the NFL has seen seven teams win titles. "The NFL is becoming the arena football league." And that's bad? It's bad that pro football will see combined scores exceeding 80 points?

What we have not seen in football is the implementation of gimmicks that are not related to the fundamentals of the game - the closest we see of this is in the Canadian league where teams get a point for punts that go through the endzone and FGA's beyond 50 yards earn four points; their overtime rule of requiring two posssessions in OT with drives starting on the opposing 35 is gimmicky as well, yet for all that it has made for some astonishingly good games.

In contrast, what NASCAR has done between the COT, the Chase, and the emphasis on marketing NASCAR The Brand instead of the sport has been implementation of gimmicks.

The racing has not been that much better this year outside of the plate tracks, which have averaged 63 lead changes per race this season. Pocono twice had some very good racing, New Hampshire at times was okay, Bristol was surprisingly good, but other than that it's been pretty much the same as it's been throughout the sport's Dead Lane Era of the last 25 years.

I can look at the Chase and see that no champion of that era is legit because they were locked into an advantageous points position by fiat for the final ten races; there can be no legitimacy to a points race where ten or twelve drivers are arbitrarily locked into the points race for the final ten races. There is no reason not to oppose the Chase concept.

Mike.. a DT2 channel is for

Mike.. a DT2 channel is for over-the-air TV (with an old fashioned TV antenna and occasionally carried on cable systems.)

When TV went digital last year, it allowed TV stations to show more than one program on a channel.

If you are in an area and flip through the channels and you see, for example, TV Channel 6.2, that is the "DT2" channel. Everyone can get it if they have a regular antenna (and again, some channels are also carried on cable systems.)

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