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NASCAR returning to Indy later this season?

NASCAR's Nationwide series does well at Montreal's F1 course.....(Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   Intriguing, intriguing:
   NASCAR teams might not be finished at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the year after all, according to a report in the Indy Star.
   Track executives are talking about 'an exhibition' on the Formula One road course, with NASCAR cars and Grand American sports cars.
   The F1 course, built at considerable expense, isn't used for the U.S. Grand Prix anymore, since that contract ended. But the course will be used for a motorcycle event the weekend of August 28th, the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix.
   No more details are available, but that weekend NASCAR will have its Nationwide series at the Montreal F1 track, Gilles Villeneuve, so those NASCAR teams will have their road racing machines race-proven. And the Sprint Cup tour runs Watkins Glen August 9th.

     This is what the Indy F1 course has running this year, now that Formula One is no longer running the U.S. Grand Prix. Shame to let an F1 caliber course go underutilized. Looks like NASCAR's Jim France is mulling some interesting options -- maybe NASCAR Nationwide and his Grand Americans? (Photo: IMS)

My dad had a great

My dad had a great suggestion: run the Indycars on the road course on Labor Day weekend. Then he remembered that the US Nationals are in Indianapolis that same weekend. I don't know if the metro-Indy area can house that many people or not for the hotel rooms they have, but that would be one helluva racing weekend for the city and could start another tradition there. Perhaps you set the Indycar race on the road course the last weekend in August or the weekend after Labor Day, but it should be an annual event on the same date.

As for the stock cars: ehh. I would rather see them on Road Atlanta in late spring, or running the Daytona road course at that time or in the early fall.

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i just paid my hotel bill for

i just paid my hotel bill for the Brickyard 400, and I can say that's not a fan-friendly town. But I would like to see NASCAR's Nationwide cars and Grand American cars on that F1 road course. That would be interesting.....

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