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NASCAR hits Kyle Busch with minor penalty for failing post-race height inspection at Loudon

  Kyle Busch: too low at Loudon....but then after all the bumping-and-grinding Sunday, would it really have made any difference? (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

   By Mike Mulhern

   Kyle Busch, who didn't make the Sprint Cup championship chase, was docked 25 points and his crew chief Steve Addington was fined $25,000 Tuesday by NASCAR, for failing post-race inspection after Sunday's New Hampshire 300.
   NASCAR said the left-front fender of Busch's car was "too low."
   No further specifics were provided by NASCAR.
   The Joe Gibbs team issued a statement Tuesday night: "The situation was caused when the left front spring became dislodged. This resulted in the left front corner of the car to be lower and resulted in a change to the car's handling which had to be compensated for during the race. Consequently, the car measured low during post-race inspection."
   The team said it would accept the NASCAR ruling and not appeal.

Hmmm, I curious to know why

Hmmm, I curious to know why Kyle Busch, Steve Addington, JGR gets a "slap" on the wrist for an infraction "after" the ending of a points race, whereas Carl Long and crew got thrown under the bus and ran over several times about an engine, that didn't pass inspection for a non-points race and I believe, never made it on the track!

ah, you see the logic in the

ah, you see the logic in the mystery of it all -- you dont know if Nascar will throw a fastball, a curveball or a screwball.....i do agree that nascar made the wrong call, by far, in the carl long situation; but then he doesnt have a multimilliondollar sponsor like M&Ms.

If what Gibbs says is true,

If what Gibbs says is true, that the car was low because of a mechanical failure which cause no increase in performance, then I think this penalty is exactly right: no points and an insignificant fine.

I also agree that what NASCAR did to Carl Long was way out of line and just plain wrong. However, in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, I applaud NASCAR for getting this one right.

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