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NASCAR docks Carl Edwards 60 points and $25,000 for crashing Brad Keselowski in St. Louis

Brad Keselowski (L) and Carl Edwards (R) haven't quite seen eye-to-eye on things lately. But what does NASCAR really think about this feud? (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   NASCAR executives sacked Carl Edwards with a sizeable penalty for Saturday night's incident with Brad Keselowski at St. Louis' Gateway Nationwide race, but it's unclear how the penalties will really play out in the stock car racing garage this weekend.
   NASCAR penalized both Edwards and his team and Keselowski for "aggressive driving."
   The two Sprint Cup tour stars are also battling for the Nationwide tour championship this season.
   Edwards, who won the race after crashing Keselowski on the last lap, in response to an earlier bump-and-run by Keselowski for the lead, was docked 60 points, his team was also docked 60 points, and Edwards was fined $25,000.
   Edwards and Keselowski were both placed on 'probation' until Dec. 31.
   NASCAR's version of 'probation' has been controversial the past several years, with it generally believed to be fairly meaningless, with no bite for violations.
   Edwards' team boss, Geoff Smith, head of RoushFenway Racing, made a brief statement: "We have received notification of NASCAR’s penalties against Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski and Roush Fenway Racing related to Saturday night’s race at Gateway International Raceway.
   "As with all NASCAR actions of this nature, we will internally evaluate the penalties, and the underlying explanations, prior to making any decision about next steps. We look forward to watching Carl and Brad as they continue to compete on a weekly basis for the championship in the Nationwide series."
    The two drivers have a history of crashing each other.
   Keselowski's statement: "The incident at the end of Saturday night's race at Gateway was unfortunate, not just for Penske Racing and team, but for all of the teams that were caught up in the aftermath.
    "There was unnecessary damage done to a lot of race cars as a result of the incident, including one of our best cars.
    "We support NASCAR's decision, and we look forward to putting this behind us."

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Clearly, NASCAR is was not

Clearly, NASCAR is was not watching the same race that the rest of us were. Brad did nothing to merit probation and Carl should have been suspended from the sport for a month.

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NASCRAP needs to explain why

NASCRAP needs to explain why Keselowski was placed on probation. Sure he dived in a little strong in Turn 1, but if NASCAR placed every driver on probation who drove too hard on occasion then most of the field would always be on probation. Unless Keselowski stated that the contact in Turn 1 was intentional, there was nothing that Brad did on the track Saturday night that warranted the probation.

Carl should have gotten this penalty or worse for what he did in Atlanta. That was even more egregious on a higher speed track, and he was 100+ laps down when he wrecked Brad there.

That's a sad news. Why

That's a sad news. Why Keselowski was placed on probation?? I still don't get it.And for what reason he is being fined for??I mean 25000 is a big money.Anyways, how much does the winner get in this race?Plus I'm really
eager to know how much money does the us open winner get ??

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