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Maybe now this Mayfield-NASCAR thing will cool off for a while

Jeff Gordon (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   So the Jeremy Mayfield case may be now on the backburner, for a while, until any new documents are filed in court, now that NASCAR won its appeal to the 4th circuit.
   It's been like watching a ping-pong game lately, NASCAR-this, Mayfield-that.
   And NASCAR drivers themselves?
   Well, here's Jeff Gordon on NASCAR's drug testing program:
    "I have been tested, I think, three times, and each time you can't help but have a little feeling inside of you going 'What is going to come out of this? I take an allergy pill -- is that going do something?'
    "You go through the year, and you get a cold, and you might have more than a cold and take an antibiotic.
    "Everything I've taken, or been prescribed, is on the list I have given to them.
     "If something new comes about, I give it to them.
     "I have been open with them. So I feel I am very well prepared to answer any questions that may arise.
      "I still think it is a good policy. It is new, so obviously there are going to be some things come out of that, that we are all going to learn from.
     "But I think it is a positive thing for the sport, that we need to be doing this type of testing.
     "Do we need a second outside lab to maybe test, to also to have a 'B' sample or something like that for a court case? Maybe.
     "But I still feel confident in what I am doing, and when I go in to get tested in what they are doing in their process.
     "I mean they are thorough. It is kind of scary thorough -- like you feel you are under investigation and you haven't even done anything.
      "They are very, very thorough. I'm glad. That is the way I want it to be done.
      "The only thing I have seen come out of this is that we have one lab that has the A and the B sample, and some of that has been in question.
      "So I just wonder, to alleviate some of those questions, if you had a sample that a qualified second lab could test.
      "But again I think the real story is going to come out in the long run. And when it does, I think we will have the answers…and we will find out really where our system really stands.
     "Right now, I stand by it, and the testing and the policies they have in place."

    That's good rubber the new Goodyears are working into the racing grooves at Indy (Photo: IMS)

If Gordon comes up positive

If Gordon comes up positive for steroid use because of his pain treatment for his back, he might start singing a different tune. Steroids, along with some other medications are used in the treatment he's had. I know, I have the same treatment for my back and have asked what's in it. Unless the doctor gives him a exact list of what all is in that "cocktail", he may have some problems down the road. Unless, of course, he's one of the drivers that Brian France said came up positive and no actions were taken against him.

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