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Another top sponsor leaving NASCAR: Jim Beam

  Robby Gordon: a big sponsorship hit, with Jim Beam dropping support (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

   By Mike Mulhern

   NASCAR is losing yet another sponsor, Jim Beam, which has been Robby Gordon's major sponsor on the Sprint Cup tour.
   The company announced that decision Tuesday, one day after Jack Daniels announced it was ending its NASCAR sponsorship with Richard Childress.
   Jim Beam officials said "marketing plans for 2010 will not include a return to the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. As a result, the company will not extend its current partnership with Robby Gordon Motorsports in 2010.
    "The company plans to focus its marketing resources for Jim Beam into other platforms that directly impact the end consumer."
    Company president Bill Newlands said "It was a difficult decision to transition away from being a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team sponsor.
    "We always take a hard look at our marketing resources and how we can best interact with legal purchase age consumers. After an extensive review of our marketing strategy, we have come up with new alternatives to fuel growth for Jim Beam in 2010."

What can be said,it is the

What can be said,it is the economy,a true shame for Robby Gordon and RCR!
Maybe it is time for Brian France to look at the situations of sponsors and how best teams can survive in these trying times!

I personally am mortified

I personally am mortified with this. Being a longtime Bud racecar fan (Elliott,Schrader.Craven,Jr.Kahne),I always wanted my favorite bourbon in the sport. Too bad it came in during Nascar's poisoning years (chase). I loved Robby Gordon running the brand (although driving about every different make of car each year stunk)and this kept my waning attention to Nascar. I guess I shouldnt be surprised as I have left the sport as well recently and it is just following its demographic. NASCAR should be concerned with the hemorraging of sponsors recently. At least I'll always have Mike Mulhern.net to keep me up to speed! Thanks Mike!

Did the number 7 have

Did the number 7 have anything to do with this? I always thought it was strange (or vindictive) that RG ran 7 while the JD car had to settle for 07. (nobody ever said "old number 07") Jack Daniels probably flinched every time either one got a second of TV time.

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