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And now on Greg Biffle's to-do list......

  Needed: a good contractor....(Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   When it's not your day…
   Greg Biffle, already up to ears in this NASCAR championship chase, now needs to find a good contractor to start repairs on his new North Carolina home, after a gas explosion.
   Biffle was in New York Thursday when the incident occurred: "It was early in the morning, it was raining, and neighbors said they heard
something they thought lightning. 
    "There was no lightning in the area, but it was raining real hard."
    The damage in the morning light – the front porch and the upper balcony.
     "It was one of the gas light fixtures," Biffle said. "We have gas lights on the upper balcony at the front of the house, and something happened to it, and it blew out. 
    "It had a leak in the line, or something, and it leaked gas into an exterior column on the front of the house, outside, and exploded. 
    "It was a hell of an explosion that people heard all the way up the street.
     "My pet-sitter was there with my dogs, and of course it startled them.  The alarm went off, and the security camera has all the footage of what took place, and you can see the stuff blowing off."
   Biffle says there is no damage inside the home.
   "I don't know why it happened….I'm pretty unhappy about it,"  Biffle added. "But we'll get it fixed."
    Biffle estimated the damage at around $6,000.
    Biffle's troubles come just a week after Denny Hamlin had his Lexus stolen from his home nearby. That car was quickly recovered, and the thieves, caught on security cameras, were picked up too.


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