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About that Jimmie Johnson-Ryan Newman tussle at Texas....

   Once upon a time.....Jimmie Johnson congratulating Ryan Newman on his 2010 win at Phoenix (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern


   KANSAS CITY, Kansas
   Jimmie Johnson has talked with Ryan Newman about that late-race issue at Texas that cost Johnson the win, and Johnson indicates they have not agreed on the issue itself or how to deal with any similar situation down the road.
   Johnson was leading at Texas with less than 30 miles to go, and Newman was already one lap down and about to be lapped a second time by Johnson.

   Newman, who has a reputation as perhaps the toughest guy on the stock car tour to pass, lived up to that rep and held up Johnson long enough for Greg Biffle to pass for the win.
   Johnson, here Friday, tried to keep the debate with Newman diplomatic and not fan the flames, but he was clearly still upset.
   Newman, also diplomatically, said they had agreed to disagree.
   "The way I race, when it's 20 to go, regardless of who it is, even if I'm going down a lap, I'm getting the hell out of the way," Johnson said.
   "Two laps down, I'm sure as hell getting the hell out of the way.
   "That's where my frustration came from.
   "Ryan's point of view? I'll leave that up to him. We talked Tuesday when we were at the White House. I appreciate his coming to talk to me to clear the air. I don't necessarily agree with him.
   "Yes, he races everybody hard; that's where I've got to be careful what I say, because I love to race people hard. But that's not what it's about; there's a time and a place.
   "Going your second lap down, with 20 laps to go, that's not the right time. that's my point.
   "Racing for position, at the end of a race, that's what we're here to do. I'm not against that.
   "But there is a flow on the track that I feel needs to take place, and that's been lost a little bit these last few years.
   "But we're here to race, and I don't want to accuse someone of racing 'too hard.'
   "However in that situation at Texas, that wasn't necessary.
   "here was more of general code 10 years ago. Now it's more of a personal relationship you have with guys.
   "I know when I'm running Tony Stewart down, I need to be ready for him to jump out of the gas; and I've almost run him over, because he's so courteous early in the race: 'Hey, guy, go for it.'
   "So I give him that same respect back.
   "Now I don't expect it from everybody. But as long as guys are consistent, you know what you have, and you do what you need to.
   "But being aware what's going on at the end of a race is key…because who wants to be the guy who affects the outcome? I know I don't. And I imagine no one else wants to be that person either."
    So, not to fan the flames here, but in a similar situation now will Johnson simply push Newman out of the way?
    Johnson offers a long pause and then answers "Yeah.
    "But it's tough…at Texas, going that fast….
   "I was running the bottom, he was up at the top. And Greg was on the bottom too, and if I give Greg the bottom (in moving up to push Newman out of the way), that gives him (Biffle) clean air and helps him.
   "So I was really in a tough situation.
   "And Kurt Busch (who has no love lost with Johnson to begin with) was up ahead of us trying to stay on the lead lap…
   "Now Kurt's situation I understood, and I was fine with that.
   "But two laps down….I lost the lead over that."
   And Johnson thus lost the race too.

  Ryan Newman (L) and Jimmie Johnson: agreeing to disagree? (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)



It's a tough call...but..in

It's a tough call...but..in the end Biffle passed them both..so obviously it could be done without a driver moving over. I see Ryan's point of view..if he stayed on lead lap..yellow came out..the possibility if a wave around was there ..and Ryan might be back in the hunt. Early in the race..late in the race..I see no obligation for a driver to just move over.

I think Ryan Newman

I think Ryan Newman deliberatly did that to Jimmie to help Biffle. What did it matter that it would have put him 2 laps down, Newman acted very unsportman like.

Ryan vs. Jimmy

Sorry Jimmy--it's racing! Ryan Newman was just doing his job. You didn't lose so much as Greg Biffle won. Get over yourself!

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