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When it comes to fans' questions about NASCAR, on Ask.com, Jeremy Mayfield is pretty hot

   By Mike Mulhern

   Now here's something really, really interesting:
   Ask.com, the NASCAR sponsor that is banking on creating interest in its website by focusing on NASCAR questions, has some curious top-10s.
    See if you can see a trend.
   The top-10 NASCAR-related searches on Ask.com:
   1.  NASCAR.com
   2.  Indianapolis Motor Speedway
   3.  NASCAR Schedule
   4.  Tony Stewart Girlfriend
   5.  How Do NASCAR Drivers Use the Bathroom?
   6.  Dale Earnhardt Jr
   7.  NASCAR
   8.  NASCAR Driver Standings
   9.  Jeremy Mayfield Ex Wife
   10. Jeremy Mayfield First Wife
   Hmmm. Jeremy Mayfield shows up for reasons you might not expect.
   Let's check out the top-10 driver searches:
   1.  Tony Stewart
   2.  Jeremy Mayfield
   3.  Dale Earnhardt Jr
   4.  Jeff Gordon
   5.  Dale Earnhardt
   6.  Kasey Kahne
   7.  Mark Martin
   8.  Jimmie Johnson
   9.  Kyle Busch
   10. Carl Edwards
   Wonder if Jeremy can still sell his souvenirs at the track.

   What else?
    How about the top-10 NASCAR-related questions:
   1.  How do NASCAR drivers use the bathroom?
   2.  What does NASCAR stand for?
   3.  How many times has Jeremy Mayfield been married?
   4.  Who won the Lifelock (Chicago) 400?
   5.  Who is Tony Stewart dating?
   6.  How much do NASCAR drivers get paid?  
   7.  How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom?
    8.  At Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the 1/8 mile short straight-aways between the first and second, and third and fourth turns are termed what?
   9.  Who holds the cup series qualifying record at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?
   10. When is the next NASCAR race?

   Now, how about the top-10 Jeremy Mayfield questions?

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