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Trevor Bayne and Jack Roush still looking for medical answers

  Trevor Bayne (L) and Chris Andrews at Talladega (Photo: Autostock)

   By Mike Mulhern


   The medical mystery surrounding Daytona winner Trevor Bayne remains a mystery, as Mayo Clinic doctors review the extensive battery of tests the 20-year-old NASCAR newcomer has been undergoing the past few days.
   Bayne, suffering from weakness and fatigue, a swollen arm, and double-vision, all apparently from an insect bite sometime in early April, was forced to miss Friday night's Nationwide race here, after his symptoms erupted again Wednesday, after being seemingly under control.

   While Roush Fenway officials had been trying to keep the Mayo Clinic hospitalization under wraps, team owner Jack Roush himself confirmed it.
   However just what Bayne's medication condition might be remains unclear.
   "He had the insect bite (in early April), he was treated for that, and hospitalized, and he was fine," Steve Newmark, head of Roush Fenway Racing, said. "He raced (at Talladega) and he was fine. And then some of the same symptoms reemerged this week. We sat down and talked with his family, and his health is very important, this racing is irrelevant. So we said 'Let's get this checked out.'
    "None of us are doctors. There is no clue….and I've heard all the theories, from the benign to the sinister. But nobody knows.
   "So they have run a completely comprehensive battery of tests. Stuck him with needles more than any of us want to go through.
   "The real hope is by early next week we'll have some indication, one way or the other. My hope is that what we find out is it's benign.
    "We've asked the family to let us know how they want us to handle this. And we'll see how it plays out."
    Bayne himself, via Twitter, said Saturday night he didn't think his medical issues were related to the insect bite, but he offered no further analysis.
    The next NASCAR tour stop is Darlington, the May 6th Nationwide race.
    "There has been no discussion about Darlington," Newmark says. "We'll have to see what the doctors say. If he's cleared, he'll race. If not, we won't. And if it's somewhere in the middle, we'll sit down with the family and talk."
    The time frame is that last week at Nashville Bayne was fine, did his usual schedule of racing and PR appearances. There were no symptoms, until sometime Wednesday.
   Bayne had been briefly hospitalized with these symptoms after the April 9th Texas race.
      "My understanding is that Trevor was completely fine after a couple of days, after the hospital," Newmark says. "His arm had been swollen; I saw it on the plane.
    "But that was all gone. We weren't thinking anything about it, and I don't think he was either. That it was just a weird insect bite, reaction to it.
   "Then when we talked with him earlier this week, he had some of the same symptoms again. That could be concerning, so we said let's get it checked out. And figure out what it is.
   "It may be nothing, that's what you hope. Maybe we're just being overly cautious."

We are praying for your

We are praying for your recovery Trevor.

Cyndi from Nashville

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