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Kirk Shelmerdine: Beginning Again

    Kirk Shelmerdine: auctioning off his 'current stock,' and rebuilding for the future (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   Kirk Shelmerdine, the legendary NASCAR crew chief from Philadelphia who helped lead the late Dale Earnhardt to four Cup championship before deciding to become a driver himself, has decided to hold an auction of his current stock Tuesday Sept. 14th.
   "We are selling off all our current assets," Shelmerdine says. "My partners and I, and the race team itself, Kirk Shelmerdine Racing LLC, will remain in place.
    "I always said if we ever sit idle for more than six months, with no racing and no money coming in, I would sell out. That's not to say we are done. I'm very proud of all we've done over the years, and very grateful for all the interest and help I had, from financial to just lending a hand or even an 'Atta-boy!'
   "We pretty much did the impossible every week, and I'd like to thank everybody involved for that.
    "Our stolen mantra was 'It's not just a job, it's an adventure!'
     "And it surely was.
      "(Most of it will be in the book someday.)"
    Shelmerdine has run 26 Cup races in his career, the first one back in 1981, at Texas World Speedway, at age 23. His most recent Cup run was at Daytona in the summer of 2006. And his most famous Cup venture was in the 2006 Daytona 500, where he finished 20th, on the lead lap.
    And now?
     "Now in 2010 we have more and better equipment than we ever had before. It will be tough to see it all go, after such a long struggle to get here," Shelmerdine says.
    "The company is solvent, and all the bills are paid.
      "However the current climate is very grim for the smaller race teams.
     "Sponsors, the best talent, factory support, and access to the very latest technology and hardware are all virtually unavailable to an independent operation.
    "To continue in business, for us, requires major updates in everything, from facility to equipment and methodology.
    "I am now working to that end...and also talking open-mindedly with other teams about possible partnership.
     "I've been in the Cup series since 1976, when I was finally (almost) old enough to have a NASCAR license. I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.
     "So come see us next month if you like.
     "Buy a piece of history, or just say hello.
     "And don't be too surprised if you see us at Daytona, in one capacity or another…….."
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  Good ol' number 27: On the auction block (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Auction site?

When & where is the auction? Good luck Kirk. Love to see you on the track once again.

crew chief


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