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In this corner Denny Hamlin, in that corner Brad Keselowski.....

  Is this where it all started: Charlotte, May 2008 -- Keselowski's crew vs Hamlin's crew (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   So this Brad Keselowski-Denny Hamlin thing has gotten more than a little out of hand.
   After Keselowski spun out Hamlin in Saturday's Nationwide race, Hamlin vowed he'd take revenge next weekend at Homestead.
   Keselowski, a Cup tour rookie now full-time for Roger Penske, has had a number of encounters with Hamlin in Saturday races, beginning over a year ago. This season they had another run-in at Dover.
   So Sunday, before the Phoenix 500, NASCAR officials brought Keselowski into their hauler for a talking to about his aggressive driving.
   Hamlin hasn't been shy about complaining about Keselowski. But this time he went further: "He spun us.  I can sit here and bash him for the next 20 seconds or so and give you all a bunch of sound bites and everything, but I'm just happy I signed up for next week's Nationwide race. 
    "There are a lot of guys that owe him. There are a lot of guys that have a lot of chips they're going to cash in…and I'm just going to be the first at the pay window.
   "I'll take care of him; it's no biggie. He'll learn the hard way. 
    "I run these (Nationwide) races for fun, and he's in it trying to get second in the points. I'm just going to do my job, and if the opportunity arises I'm going to handle the situation the way I should -- and the way anybody else would."

  Denny Hamlin (L) and Brad Keselowski (R) don't seem to play well together. (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


Denny vs Brad

Damn the sponsors! Get after it boys!

Time for Crashalotski to take

Time for Crashalotski to take a little ride!!! Go Denny go!!

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Settle it like men

Stop all the pissy comments to reporters. Stop wrecking cars that someone else has to fix (and pay for). Find a quiet little spot away from the cameras. Don't come out until someone has a black eye or a bloody lip, then go have a couple beers together and get over it.

"Stop wrecking cars that

"Stop wrecking cars that someone else has to fix (and pay for)." - Decklid

Naw, man let 'em tear the damn cars up. That's job security for the crew at the shop!...lol

They'll shake hands and have

They'll shake hands and have a pepsi after the race.

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