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Chevy's new Camaro: Who gets to race it, how will GM market it?

   By Mike Mulhern

   General Motors' new Chevy Camaro is a race car, no question. Just look at it.
   But how will Chevrolet market it? Where will Chevrolet race it? And who will drive it for Chevrolet?
   Now Detroit sources say several 2010 Camaros have already been built in race-form, but it is unclear what type of racing form.
   GM has insisted it does not want to run the new Camaro in NASCAR's Nationwide series next season, apparently because of NASCAR's insistence on using 'common body templates' for all race cars, while Chevrolet executives want to display a lot more design characteristics of the new Camaro than could be done with common templates.
    So where might GM race it?
    Maybe in Jim France's Grand-Am sports car GT series, where the Mustang is already race-legal.

And you still believe that GM doesn't want to race this new Camaro? (Photo: GM)



Common Template?!?!

What common template? Yeah, the cars will be a version of the COT, but the Dodge Challenger racecar that the Dodge teams will use next season, looks pretty darn close to the Challenger on the street. These new COT cars that the Nationwide teams will use next season for select races, are the most stock looking cars to roll out of a Nascar garage since the early 90's. Google it for some pics. Chevy can not be serioulsy hiding behind that excuse. Ford has confirmed that they will now use the Mustang for it's Nationwide COT cars next season, after stating they will run the Taurus. I hope Chevy decides to change it's mind, and make this a great car battle. Fans would love it to see a Mustang go against a Challenger and a Camaro. It would seriously be a huge boost for the Nationwide series.

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