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Yet another group takes a shot at reviving North Wilkesboro Speedway

  North Wilkesboro Speedway: 1996. The last race (Photo: NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   Legendary North Wilkesboro Speedway hasn't changed much at all since it was closed more than 10 years ago, and the aged infrastructure is in very bad shape. Yet there are still hopes that Junior Johnson's old home track may yet host a race.
   And now there is word that the Wilkes County track may get a date on the USARacing Pro Cup championship series next season.
   The proposed race would October 3rd, 2010.
   Larry Camp, a veteran NASCAR promoter and PR specialist, is one of the managing partners of the ownership group: "We know the people of Wilkes County and the surrounding area of North Carolina have missed stock car racing on this storied track.
    "I know Benny Parsons would be extremely proud…."
     Teri Parsons, wife of the late NASCAR star, is part of the ownership group, along with Alton McBride Sr., Alton McBride Jr., Dave Ehret, John Burwell and Bosco Lowe.
   The USAR Pro Cup (formerly known as the Hooters Pro Cup) runs at Hickory Speedway, Rockingham Speedway, South Boston Speedway, and Bristol Motor Speedway, and some other venues.
    How much work it would take to get the North Wilkesboro track back in raceable shape is unclear, but it could run into the millions of dollars, which has stymied other plans for the five-eighths-mile facility.


Good to hear. Lots of

Good to hear. Lots of repairs to do, but it will be worth it. This will be a great place to host USAR, PASS, Modifieds, Trucks, and even a couple of big time late model races. The ownership group needs to consider putting up lights, as there are none currently. I hope this deal does not fall through.

Thats an awesome photo, Mike.

Thats an awesome photo, Mike. do you happen to have a larger version

Here's my best shot at naming

Here's my best shot at naming all the drivers in the photo. My memory and eyesight aren't what they used to be...

Back row (left to right)
? (Remington)
Ricky Craven
Ricky Rudd
Dave Marcis
John Andretti
Kenny Schroeder
Kyle Petty
? (Circuit City)
? (Square D)
Joe Nemechek
Dale Jarrett
? (Lowe's)
Jimmy Spencer
Goeff Bodine
Lake Speed
? (Skoal Racing)
Darrell Waltrip

Middle row (left to right)
? (STP)
Mark Martin
Ernie Irvan
Johnny Benson
? (Jasper Engines)
Rusty Wallace
Michael Waltrip
Dale Earnhardt
Bill Elliot
Sterilng Marlin
Jeff Burton
Jeremy Mayfield
Terry Labonte

Front row (left to right)
Jeff Gordon
Ted Musgrave

Guys, that boat left the dock

Guys, that boat left the dock a long time ago. The problem at that time was that they did not reinvest, expand and, in fairness to them, the real estate to do so was not "available." So, as usual, the County and City's Fathers let the goose that laid the golden egg get away (Lowe's Companies a Fortune 50 company has also left the building.)

I wish them luck, it is a historic track and a shame that folks didn't spend the damn money to make it the Bristol of Wilkes County when they had a chance. But again, in fairness to those folks at that time, FRANCECAR probably would have moved the races away, no matter how much the track was expanded. Playing craps with millions of dollars is not easy and this track along with The Rock and Darlington (almost) are examples of the pressure for TV ratings.

Credit to

Credit to RacingReference.info for a big assist, here's the complete line-up with Sponsors
(Didja notice there's only 37 starters??)

Morgan Shepherd? (Remington)
Ricky Craven(Kodiak)
Ricky Rudd(Tide)
Dave Marcis(Prodigy)
John Andretti(RCA)
Kenny Schrader(Budweiser)
Kyle Petty(CoorsLight)
Hut Strickland? (Circuit City)
Kenny Wallace? (Square D)
Rick Mast?(Hooters)
Joe Nemechek(BurgerKing)
Dale Jarrett(QualityCar/FordCredit)
Brett Bodine? (Lowe's)
Jimmy Spencer(CamelCigarettes)
Geoffrey Bodine(QVC)
Lake Speed(Spam)Melling
Robert Pressley? (Skoal Racing)
Jeff Green(CartoonNetwork)?
Darrell Waltrip(PartsAmerica)

Middle row (left to right)
Bobby Hamilton? (STP)
Mark Martin(Valvoline)
Ernie Irvan(Texaco-Havoline)
Johnny Benson(Pennzoil)
Derricke Cope?(Badcock)
Bobby Hillin Jr.? (Jasper Engines)
Rusty Wallace(Miller)
Michael Waltrip(Citgo)
Dale Earnhardt(GMGoodwrench)
Bill Elliott(McDonalds)
Sterling Marlin(Kodak)
Jeff Burton(Exide)
Jeremy Mayfield(KMart/LittleCeasars)
Terry Labonte(Kellogg's)
Wally Dallenbach Jr.?(Hayes Modems)
Bobby Labonte?(InterstateBatteries)

Front row (left to right)
Jeff Gordon(DuPont)
Ted Musgrave(FamilyChannel/Primestar)

Tom in Bristol

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