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Yates and Gilliland split, citing lack of sponsorship


In better days: David Gilliland (L) and car owner Doug Yates (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern

   FONTANA, Calif.

   Doug Yates and David Gilliland "are terminating their relationship due to a lack of sponsorship," the two said Friday.
   Gilliland, 32, nearly won last summer's Sprint Cup race at Sonoma, Calif., in his best-ever NASCAR tour run in Yates' Fords, finishing second to Kyle Busch. However that run never translated into sponsorship, and Yates put the team on hold in January, after signing Bobby Labonte and internet-sponsor Ask.com.
  "We are sorry to lose him but it is important for David to continue driving, and sponsorship is very tough this year," Yates said.
   Gilliland has signed to drive for NASCAR newcomer Kevin Buckler here, at Las Vegas, at Atlanta and Bristol in Buckler's Chevrolets. Mike Wallace drove for Buckler at Daytona but failed to make the field.

David Gilliland (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


Gilliland was a bust the

Gilliland was a bust the minute he stepped into Yates' Ford - that fluke Kentucky BGN win deceived everyone into thinking he had something for the big leagues. The fact is he doesn't - he's had some good cars and refused to fight for anything with them.

well, we'll see now what

well, we'll see now what Slugger Labbe and Chevrolet can do with DG. Nothing like incentive, and Slugger's got it too; he did a pretty good job with Scott Speed last year.

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What's Labbe accomplished

What's Labbe accomplished outside of divine-interventions for Michael Waltrip wins?

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