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What's going on with the proposed merger between Dover and Dover?

  Jimmie Johnson wins Sunday's Dover 400 (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

  By Mike Mulhern
   KANSAS CITY, Kansas
   Is Dover International Speedway suddenly in play?
   Here's one analyst's view:


Another feather in Bruton's

Another feather in Bruton's hat? I would want this one more than most because it's a unique track. Don't know what the relations are with the town and surrounding community, but I would much rather have Dover than another cookie-cutter 1.5 mile track.

Uh, the piece linked says ISC

Uh, the piece linked says ISC is looking to purchase Dover, and chances are they'll get it if they do. Dover's a "unique" track, but it isn't as good as the bigger tracks - it's basically Bristol on steroids.

"Dover's a "unique" track,

"Dover's a "unique" track, but it isn't as good as the bigger tracks"

The last thing we need is another mile and a half Cookie Cutter track on the schedule, most of the time the racing is boring, follow the leader type. On the other hand, Dover is a GREAT place to watch a race, whether it be at the track, or at home. Dover almost always offers some of the best racing of the year, to take a race from Dover, would be a HUGE MISTAKE.

Perfect for Bruton and SMI.

Perfect for Bruton and SMI. Keep one race at Dover, move one to Vegas. Would rather see Bruton and SMI grab it as opposed to ISC Empire.
ISC seems pretty tapped out as of late.

So the question might be,

So the question might be, which company, ISCA or TRK, is best positioned to bid $200M? In 2007 they tried a joint offer....would they try a joint offer again, or launch a bidding war. Bruton Smith likes the quick hit approach. But does he have the capital to launch a pre-emptive strike? With ISCA trying to bump up its stock price, would it want to risk Wall Street by making a $200M move right now? I think ISCA may have the better financial base at the moment, but Bruton might have the better political connections. My question: does Dover want to create a bidding war? Curious, curious.

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