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Toyota's sudden engine problems: teams using expensive diamond engine coatings

   By Mike Mulhern

   The latest update on those Toyota engine problems:
   Toyota has been using a Swedish-type of artificial diamond coating on the internal engine parts, including cams. It is an expensive process, costing $15,000 an engine.
   The downside is if the coating cracks, the chips become extremely abrasive.
   It is unclear what other NASCAR engine builders may be using that system.

Toyota is really cutting

Toyota is really cutting costs during this recession, eh? $15 grand/per engine. One engine per car plus a couple of spares. We'll say that most teams have 8 cars in their shop. That's around $150,000 spent on a coating for an engine for these Toyota teams. Imagine what they are spending on other parts a pieces. Oh, what a feeling!!! You can buy a ProCup car or a Super Late Model for what some teams are spending on engine coatings these days.

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