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So, did Robby Gordon really win the Baja 500? He is angrily appealing a post-race penalty

Robby Gordon is not a happy camper, after SCORE hits him with a penalty (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   BROOKLYN, Mich.
   Robby Gordon is ticked.
   Gordon finished first in last weekend's Baja 500…but SCORE – the international off-road racing sanctioning body – sacked Gordon three days later with a 90-minute penalty and dumped him back to seventh.
   So Gordon is appealing.
   And he's hot about the whole deal: "We are deeply disappointed with SCORE's decision and reject their claims in the strongest possible terms. We plan an immediate appeal of this unjust decision.
   "First, SCORE assessed a speeding penalty because it claimed that there was no IRC data between kilometer 77 and kilometer 78.  The IRC device on our vehicle worked properly during all other sections of the race course, and Steve Myers from IRC has no explanation why no IRC data exists from that section alone.
    "Our race team has footage of the entire race, and the video below proves that we were not speeding during the section in question.
   "Further, the Trophy Truck has a speed control device connected to the engine management system that does not allow it to exceed 60 MPH. 
    "Please view the link to the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0HG8Wwk9PQ.
    "This video shows that it took longer than 72 seconds to travel the 1.2 miles of highway between km 77 and 78, which is less than a 60MPH average allowed by the rule.
    "Please note that you can hear the pit speed control set at 59 mph.
    "The pit violations claims are equally invalid.
    "Our team's 'stationary pit' was in compliance with SCORE International's 2006-2010 Off-Road Racing Rules&Regulations Book. Rule GPT8 states 'All pits must be at least fifty feet off the edge of the race course. No pit may be in the first fifty feet leading into and the first one hundred feet leading out of any turn.'
    "The location of our stationary pit near mile marker 290 (which included our chase vehicle, pit equipment, and pit personnel) was at least fifty feet off the edge of the race course and not located in the first one hundred feet leading out of any turn, in conformity with this rule.
    "As to the other pit-related violations claim, Rule GPT9 states 'All pit services must be done while the race vehicle is at a complete stop. Vehicle may not be serviced while in motion, either under its own power, while being towed, and/or on a trailer. Pit services are to include fueling, tire changes, and/or any other services performed on the race vehicle.'
    "Our vehicle was at a complete stop when fuel was provided to the race vehicle on Highway 1 near San Vincente, again in conformity with this rule.
   "Furthermore, it should be noted that no rule exists in the SCORE Rule Book that limits pit services to stationary pit locations.
   "Pit services are routinely made outside stationary pits along the race course by drivers and crew members, including but not limited to fueling, tire changes, and repair services on the race vehicle.
    "The bottom line is this: our team did not violate any rule in the SCORE Rule Book, therefore we should not be penalized at all by SCORE for either of these alleged pit violations."
   Gordon also claims that some teams that deviated from the course were only docked a 60-minute penalty, while the rule book says they should be disqualified.
    "Under Rule GP3(9) all competitors who have a course deviation penalty are automatically disqualified," Gordon says.
   "Disqualification is the minimum penalty allowed for a course deviation pursuant to GP3.
   "These results will have to be modified as well."
    SCORE officials have not yet replied to Gordon's appeal, or even acknowledged it apparently.
    "My win at Baja was made possible by the hard work of my team and the support of my fans and sponsors," Gordon says.
    "I want to assure all of these people that I will do whatever it takes to rebut these charges, clear my name and have my first-place finish restored."

SCORE's revised BAJA 500 results



SCORE seems to becoming the

SCORE seems to becoming the USAC of the 80's - 90s

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