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Safety gets a workout in Saturday's crash-marred Nationwide 200

  Clint Bowyer flipped on the driver's side in the final miles of Saturday's Nationwide race at Dover (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern


   DOVER, Del.
   Carl Edwards dodged a very scary crash in a late-race dual with Joey Logano Saturday afternoon at Dover International Speedway to win the rain-marred Nationwide 200, which ended with huge carnage and worries about injuries.
   Fortunately no one appeared seriously injured, but the frightening finish took a toll on everyone, even Edwards, who skipped his usual victory backflip and worried if he might have triggered the incident.

   Logano was passing Edwards on the outside off the fourth turn when he slipped sideways, leading to the crash.
  The video: http://bit.ly/j51ViO
   "That was an odd finish, emotionally, for me, to be honest," Edwards said. "I thought I had bumped him, and I thought somebody was hurt.
   "That looked like a bad enough wreck that I thought somebody was hurt.
    "It was a very different feeling than you normally have at the end of a race.
    "I am glad I didn't hit him and everything was okay.
    "We are very fortunate that nobody was hurt."
    Logano was shaken but not injured.
    "It just seemed like I either got tagged or Carl took the air off me enough to make me loose," Logano said.
    "(With) those shark fins (aerodynamic ailerons on the cars), you get a car under you right about that point you feel the car starting to get loose. 
    "I felt we had something to win this thing with.
    "It just looked like he was in that spot, that vulnerable spot, where it seems like it takes the air off your car and pushes you around. 
    "It's not his fault.  It's just part of us racing really hard near the end."
   Clint Bowyer got caught up in the mess and nearly flipped. And parts of his car may have hit some crewmen on pit road.
   "All I saw was the underside of him…and I was like 'Holy cow,'" Logano said.
   "He went for a heck of a ride.  I'm glad Clint's okay."
   Logano and Edwards talked briefly after the race. "He just apologized," Logano said. "I don't think he knew if he hit me or not either."
   Safety has been at issue in the sport the past two weeks after some hard crashes and driver feuds.
   Edwards' car owner, Jack Roush, said the new soft walls on the inside of the frontstretch here are a major safety plus: "The fact there are SAFER barriers at inside walls at these places is an extra measure of insurance that all of us appreciate.
   "Dover has more banking on the straightaways (nine degrees0 than any track we go to. That puts a special importance to have that inside wall protected as well.
   "Every time you spin here it is an exceptional circumstance if you don't hit the wall. The gravity just takes you right into that inside wall. They have done a really nice job at this track with the SAFER barriers."
    The lack of a SAFER barrier on the inside frontstretch wall at Richmond, the tour stop two weeks ago, has been criticized after Jeff Gordon's very hard driver's side hit there.
    Meanwhile Roush said Daytona winner Trevor Bayne, sidelines the past few weeks with an undiagnosed illness that has affected his vision and his strength, will test a car this week in Georgia to see if he's ready to race at Charlotte during the All-Star weekend.
   "He is making progress, and his symptoms are, by and large, gone," Roush said. "His blurred vision is, by and large, gone. But we are going to take him to Grisham (Motorsports Park) in (Jefferson0 Georgia to give him some laps to see if he is comfortable, and then report back to the doctors and NASCAR to see what they think."


   Fortunately Clint Bowyer walked away relatively unscathed (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Man, I thought the sport was

Man, I thought the sport was past that after the mid-1990s, but obviously not. That is a big problem and it's surprising after the Mason-Dixon 400 that we had many loose racecars yet so few cautions.

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