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Richard Childress and Teresa Earnhardt roll out Dale's vintage number three...and put Taylor at the wheel


  By Mike Mulhern

  Taylor Earnhardt, the 19-year-old daughter of the late Dale Earnhardt, and her mother Teresa Earnhardt, have been in England over the past few days, at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, two hours south of London…and, yes, that was Taylor at the wheel of Earnhardt's legendary number three, during part of the three-day show.

Taylor Earnhardt takes a spin in her late father's legendary Chevrolet (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


Teresa Earnhardt (R) and daughter Taylor (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)



Taylor Earnhardt: who needs Danica Patrick (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


that is a sin, Richard

that is a sin, Richard childress, how could you! that is Junior's father's car, don't you have any feelings for him? How that would hurt him? No, nobody ever thinks of him; why should they; he doesn't have any feelings, the heck with him. I dislike Teresa even more; then i lost respect for Mr. Childress. how can these people do this? i mean that kid has feelings too. he hurt when his daddy died, probably worse then any of them. and they pull that. i have no respect for any of them.
thank you

bring out the three. richard

bring out the three.
richard childress said there would probably never be a black car in the top series with a 3 on it.
that's good enough...
let's race

My first thought was "How

My first thought was "How could she!" but then I thought about it and she has just as much right as JR. And, this wasn't a race it was an exhibition to celebrate the history of racing. Dale does need to be remembered and who better than one of his children whether it is JR, Taylor or Kerry, to put this great symbol on the track for all us to honor his memory.

Just don't race it!

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