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Okay, Danica, enough is enough: stop playing games and get with the program | NASCAR Racing Breaking News: Trackside Live, Every Week, Every Sprint Cup Race - MikeMulhern.net


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Okay, Danica, enough is enough: stop playing games and get with the program

   Chevrolet's Danica Patrick? So when will Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rick Hendrick announce the deal? (Photo: DanicaPatrick.com)

   By Mike Mulhern

   What a bust.
   Well, maybe not.
   Indy-car star Danica Patrick continued to toy with the racing world Monday during her Good Morning America appearance – to show off her new Indy-car colors, green, and Go-Daddy sponsorship, but with nary a word to say about any NASCAR plans.
   But then maybe she is just waiting for a more opportune moment…like when NASCAR has its post-race awards banquet later this week in Las Vegas?
   However her website    showed, briefly, a picture of what is anticipated: Patrick in a NASCAR-logoed uniform with Chevy bowtie prominent.
   So when/if Danica Patrick will announce a NASCAR deal for 2010 with Rick Hendrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
   To be continued.


who cares? Danica is about

who cares? Danica is about Danica and how much skin she can show and money she can acquire, not about NASCAR. If she gets an ARCA ride or with the Dale Jr and HMS show, well, whoop de do. We can get more annoying commercials for godaddy.com and I will watch racing on TV less and less.

Darned, if you didn't get it

Darned, if you didn't get it just right -- i should have realized it: it's not about danica on the track, it's about those TV commercials. in fact i found myself at times this season waiting for the next danica commerical, during one of those boring races....
hey, anything for TV ratings....

The exalted Danica has

The exalted Danica has accomplished her mission: Use NASCAR as a lever to extort more money out of Mike Andretti for her questionable driver ability.........

It is highly doubtful that she has the "sand" to hang with the bigboys in NASCAR, although I would love to see the "girly fight" between her and "Shrub" should they happen to "touch each other there" during a race.

Looking forward to next season:


Regardless of talent, I

Regardless of talent, I simply don't think Danica has the work ethic of a Mark Martin or Jimmie Johnson or Greg Biffle.....

I write movies for a living,

I write movies for a living, so I came up with an idea for a film based on Danica and her media flirtation. The pitch goes something like this: What if Danica gave a press conference and nobody came? What if media's endless fascination with Danica just ended? What if the pseudo-drama that is Danica just stopped? What would happen? Would she actually just focus on being a racing driver or would she go off the proverbial deep end and snap?

There is no script, nor have I actually flirted with the idea.


I'm worn out. I could care less if Danica drives a stock car, goes to F1, or continues driving in Indy car (and I love Indy car racing--you should read my real script set against that style of racing). Hell, I wouldn't even care if she stopped by my house and offered to give me personal lessons on how to qualify for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing and that she'd pay for my race team so I could compete in the Indy 500 (always a lifelong dream)...

You can only cry wolf so long before people stop listening. Maybe it's time for media to learn that lesson and just ignore Danica (and I should insert here that I actually think she's skilled at what she does in a race car--and I'm a fan) until she decides if she wants to be a championship winning race drive instead of a sponsor's dream.

Until that happens, I think I'm just going to ignore all the "What is Danica going to do?" coverage.

Hey, don't kid me (LOL) -- I

Hey, don't kid me (LOL) -- I know you're dying to see her in that green JR Motorsports Chevrolet Racing bikini in the next SI swimsuit issue....which does come around the time Daytona SpeedWeeks kicks off, doesn't it?

Ignore her. It's the best way

Ignore her. It's the best way to slam her.

When a Nascar driver gets out

When a Nascar driver gets out of his car after a practice session there is an extensive amount of communication between the driver and the crew chief regarding the car's performance. A successful driver like Mark Martin for example knows these cars inside and out and even minor suggestions help to put him and the sum of his experience a few tenths of a second faster than the 40 plus competitors. In this regard one must question that anyone with no Nascar experience like Danica could even begin to be competitive in the Nascar world. Unfortunately, the media and casual fans are lapping up this commercial sensation yet the most important factor, on track competitiveness will surely be close to zero.

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