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Now, just before Bristol's fireworks, a NASCAR trip to President Obama's White House

   By Mike Mulhern


   BROOKLYN, Mich.
   Now it's on to the White House…for Jimmie Johnson, the defending NASCAR champion, and several other stock car racing stars, who will get a personal tour of President Obama's home Wednesday afternoon, in a belated congratulations for the 2008 championship winner.
   The champion's visit has been de rigueur for many years now, not only for the NASCAR winner but other sports stars.
   However this particular visit, coming amid a very sluggish economy, which has dampened ticket sales for Sprint Cup events, could be a nice PR boost for the sport.
   And ESPN will carry a one-hour show from the White House, in a first for that network, beginning at 4:30 p.m.
   NASCAR is not new to the White House, of course. Jimmy Carter invited the whole pack to the White House for a party back in the 1970s.

ok, ok, I had to look up

ok, ok, I had to look up another one. Found this one in wikipedia.

"De rigueur is a French expression that literally means "of rigor" or "of strictness"."

"Something that is de rigueur is required by convention or fashion, but not by any hard rule."

Funny, you don't sound French.

and i thought it had

and i thought it had something to do with cooking with herbs in the oven.....oh well.....french? maybe french-canadian on my father's side -- drop the puck and let's start hitting....(grin)

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