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The NFL may be scoring big, but more bad TV news for NASCAR: Dover's numbers down too

   By Mike Mulhern

   KANSAS CITY, Kansas
   There's more tough news from the TV battlefield for NASCAR, and perhaps pause for reflection on the championship chase format: ABC's telecast of Sunday's Dover 400 was down from last year's numbers.
   This 400 earned a final national household rating of 3.1 -- down from the 3.3 rating for last year's race.
   That means this, the second race of the Sprint Cup title chase, averaged just over five million viewers.
   Ironically, television's fall season overall – not just sports – is generally quite up these first few weeks.
   And the National Football League is setting records.
   Which makes NASCAR's continued slide all the more curious.
   People appear to be watching more TV now….just not NASCAR.
   NASCAR CEO Brian France may insist he's not concerned. But obviously sponsors are.
   And if the title chase is now mano a mano between Rick Hendrick teammates Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin, well, that may make for some great history, whichever way it goes, but it probably won't make for great TV.
   Mr. Cool versus Mr. Nice Guy is not quite The Intimidator versus Rubberhead.
   On the positive side:
   -- Saturday's Dover Nationwide race was up slightly from last year, with a 1.2, compared to 2008's 1.1 rating. That makes Dover the fifth consecutive Nationwide race on ESPN2 to be up from last year.
   -- And Speed's Truck race in Las Vegas last weekend was also up, averaging a .46 rating (that's 340,000 households), compared to last year's .39 rating (285,000 households). That makes two weeks in a row that NASCAR's Trucks have increased ratings. The series is averaging a .8 rating this season overall.


Dover is probably the second

Dover is probably the second best race to "watch" after Talladega as far as the Chase races go. This is not good news for NASCAR. Brian France needs to get concerned about his dropping TV ratings or his sponsors for both his races and his cars are going to start dropping like flies.

I wonder what the ratings on

I wonder what the ratings on tv would be if the drivers in the Chase were scored seperatly from the non-Chase drivers. Then, many of the fans with drivers 7th back would have a little hope because the points would be much closer. It makes not sense to be in a 12 driver, 10 race shootout, and be capable of finishing 13th or worse. 43 cars on the track, 31 using the "regular" season system, 12 using the "post" seasong scoring. Only seems fare, and would create more drama for the fans to bite into. John

well, yes, changing the point

well, yes, changing the point system might make sense -- i still say NASCAR needs 'the home run.'
and start the chase in a bang-up market.....maybe shorter races....anything to shake things up. it's not working.

I believe that the loss of

I believe that the loss of interest in Nascar is much deeper than just the boring "Chase" factor i.e.:

1) the season is too long, end it 30
2) the cars are not anything people relate to as a "stock" GM/FORD/DODGE car, they are a "Nascar bred" race car.
3) the 10 race Chase is held on some of the most boring race tracks on the circuit that aren't even good enough for TV ratings
4) "Cookie cutter tracks", enough said

Look, I've watched Nascar since my teens(I'm 44)and I am one of those original old school fans. I'm disappointed every year when more is done to the cars, rules, and points format(s). I'm bored to tears simply because Nascar has become so sterile. I can honestly say that I only buy a ticket to a race to hang out with friends for the weekend and believe me when I say I have watched many a race track side from an RV on TV without stepping foot in the track for anything other than to buy a shirt. Burned out? The reasons speak for themselves. Oh, one last thing, take the word "stock" out of Nascar. -Eric Stith

1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Yes. 4)

1) Yes.
2) Yes.
3) Yes.
4) Yes.

So should we drop the chase? or put in some good tracks? give me your 10.

NASCAR racing used to be about racing, then it was about sports entertainment, now it's just business, business, business.
Believe me, you're not the only guy bored with some of this stuff....in fact, I think I'll go out in the garage right now and raise some hell in a hauler or two and see if I cant get some of these guys riled up.....

How long is the NASCAR media

How long is the NASCAR media going to continue to ignore the elephant in the room as far as these TV ratings stories are concerned. The problem with NASCAR is not the cookie cutter tracks, the horrible COT, or even the sanctioning body that sold its soul a long time ago (The Allstate 400, jeez). The problem is Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus. You have a crew chief that pushes the limits and get caught more than most which turns a lot of fans off because he has a reputation as a cheater and then you have a 3 time champion who, while I am sure is a nice guy and decent human, is a dull as dishwater. You want TV rating to come back, fans have to have driver they want to cheer on and can relate to. That is why Dale Sr. was so popular and why NASCAR grew so much while he was driving.

Well, I don't know I'd go

Well, I don't know I'd go quite as far as to blame Jimmie for all NASCAR's woes (LOL), but maybe we can get him to take up Bruton Smith's advice and punch somebody out. Or maybe if he wins a fourth championship NASCAR should tell him to move up to Formula One.....
I agree NASCAR racing is so corporately dull right now....if we could only get Robby Gordon and Kyle Busch running for the championship and yelling at each other and running each other into the wall....

Went to the fall Dover race

Went to the fall Dover race for over a decade,now I dont even watch it on TV. I also thought that the chasers should have their own points system from the start back in 04. At least guys like my boy Kahne would have a small chance after 1 bad outing. As it stands---interest went up in smoke and its officially NFL time. Have fun watching Jimmie win a 4th!

Hey Pieman- I'd kill to see

Hey Pieman-

I'd kill to see ONE race there at Dover. I'm stuck with living down here near Auto-fall-asleep-speedway. I went to the first 8 or so and then quit going. But hey - It's early! Kasey's still got a shot. 3 races from now things (obviously) will be different. You'll see..

Of course the fault could not

Of course the fault could not be the giant brains in Bristol who invented sports broadcasting - the World Wide Leper in Sports? If EESPN would fire a layer of mismanagement and let Doc and the guys in the booth call the race by looking out the window rather than at what some tech throws up on the monitor, maybe the race is a lot better than what EESPN shows - sure does sound a lot better when Barney calls it.

Instead of eliminating over

Instead of eliminating over 2/3 of the racers from the championship race, why not just give the top 12 a considerable points advantage, eg. 200 points over the 13th driver at the beginning of the chase? This would give other drivers a chance to compete if they are very successful in the chase. Drivers such as Busch and Earnhardt could still keep their fans excited, while the top 12 would still be rewarded. How can you expect fans of non-chase drivers to remain interested when they are essentially eliminated from contention? How long will sponsors pay big money to be on teams that get little to no TV exposure once the chase starts?

Thank God there is an

Thank God there is an interesting pipeline of drivers coming. Imagine Jr Johnson's son Robert racing Bill Elliott's son Chase along with Richard Childress's grandsons. That will be the Home Run !

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