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New NASCAR rules for upcoming Talladega 500...but after that four-wide finish in April, just why?

  Jimmie Johnson winning April's Talladega race, by barely a nose over all these rivals. (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern


    After watching three races with those 'two-car' drafts at Daytona and Talladega, NASCAR officials Wednesday decided to tweak the rules for the upcoming Oct 23rd Talladega 500.

   Two new tweaks:
   -- The size of each of the four holes in the carburetor restrictor plate that teams will use to prepare and practice for the race will increase by 1/64 inch and is now going to be 57/64 inch diameter. "This will provide the teams with an additional 7-10 horsepower," NASCAR says.
   -- The pressure-relief valve on the cars' engine cooling system will be recalibrated to reduce the pressure by approximately eight pounds per square inch from last April's race at Talladega.
   "After the last few superspeedway races, we've heard many drivers express their desire to open up the size of the restrictor plate some, and we thought the time was right to do that," NASCAR's Robin Pemberton said.
   The unique two-car drafts were first seen at Daytona in February after that track was repaved and given an exceptionally smooth surface. What happens is that the aerodynamic efficiencies inherent in a two-car draft have overcome the aerodynamic inefficiencies of the traditional huge 30-car-plus drafts.
   The verdict is still out among drivers and fans about the new two-car drafts. One issue appears to be that television producers have been unable to figure out how to cover a Daytona or Talladega race with these two-car drafts, in which some pairs surge to the front and others fall to the rear, seemingly without much logic.
   In an effort to break up the two-car packs, NASCAR has tried to limit engine cooling, because the hotter an engine runs -- as the trailer in a two-car draft -- the more frequently that driver has to pull out and get cooler air, breaking up the aerodynamic efficiency.
   Ford teams, with their new FR9 engine, have had something of an edge in engine cooling at the start of the season. Newcomer Trevor Bayne and veteran Carl Edwards went one-two for Ford at Daytona.
   However Chevy, led by Jimmie Johnson, swept the top-five in that furious finish at Talladega in April.
   But Ford's David Ragan won the July race at Daytona, in a one-two finish with Jack Roush teammate Matt Kenseth.

Short of hogtying the cooling

Short of hogtying the cooling systems, 2 car tandems are here to stay. I personally don't like them, or restrictor plate racing in general.

Take the plates off, make the rear spoiler 12-15" tall, and make the splitter a scoop. Allow the racers their engines and abilities.

Any Winston Cup/Sprint Cup race that a Bobby Hamilton can win is not a race.

Wow, look at that picture.

Wow, look at that picture. Looks like if Bowyer is dragging the brake, Harvick stays attached and Bowyer likely wins that race instead of Jimmie.

I think one of the reasons that NASCAR is changing the rules is that each time they come back to the superspeedways, the crew cheifs have learned something from the last race. I think NASCAR likes the racing the way it is, but the crew chiefs in attempting to give themselves an advantage keep coming up with ways to keep the cars tucked in. With NASCAR constantly making changes, it keeps everything close to status quo.

I'm a little baffled by this

I'm a little baffled by this one. They tried this tack in Speedweeks and it didn't work, and they seem oblivious to the fact they're asking drivers to give up a power to pass via the 2-car superdrafts that's well above what they have anywhere else.

Where this whole issue gets funky is those who support the superdrafts and those who hate them are both right - the superdrafts create passing like we've never seen before, yet they also create a team-racing ethic that's grossly inappropriate for the sport between the obstinate refusal of a push-car to pass the leader once a superdraft tandem gets a lead, and the risible practice of drivers coordinating swaps instead of fighting for position - though we started to see how self-defeating that is in the Firecracker at Daytona.

They had the proper balance of conventional drafts and superdrafts in 2010; I'll give NASCAR all the praise in the world if they get that back.

Hmmm. Race cars that have

Hmmm. Race cars that have their horse power limited so they don't fly into the stands and made to run hot so they won't draft. That sound like excitement to me - NOT!

What is the point of racing at the track if it is unsafe for drivers and fans? It is to make money for the track owner. After the recent exciting fuel mileage race finish, FRANCECAR probably thought they needed to do something for the "show" other than let the fastest cars on the track run out of gas at the finish line.

I'm mowing my grass during the race - it will be a lot more exciting than fuel mileage races and making cars run slow and hot...... Maybe we can just have real stock cars race with tuned engines and no gimmicks for down force. The best designed car with the best engine, now that is racing...

Why am I not verified? I am

Why am I not verified? I am certifiable (crazy) Does that count?

i'm sure there is a reason,

i'm sure there is a reason, but this website is way too complicated for me to figure out all the x's and o's. let me ponder....

its all because of the FR9

its all because of the FR9 engine, lets see chevy has had an advantage for years being able to run more tape than anyone else they done a segment on it before a race 5 or 6 years ago and showed how the chevys could allmost completly tape the grlle opening up but no rule changes then ford brings out the FR9 and we see them make a rule on the max amount of opening they have to run then ford wins some plate races and makes chevy have to race to win then they showed nascar the end of this race and said if the finish line had been 200 feet further edwards would have won this race so now more rules the last time we seen rulechanges like these was when hendrick put millions in gordons cars and he won a bunch of plate races in the 90s and then yates put millions in jarrets cars he dominated one plate race and won it then nascar changed the rules nascar made sure hendricks millions counted but threw yates millions out the window.

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