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NASCAR officials may be in hot water for more secret penalties; and what's up at Tony Stewart's? Hey, isn't the storyline supposed to be Brad Keselowski's big win?

  Richard Childress: hit with $150,000 fine by NASCAR for hitting Kyle Busch (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern


   KANSAS CITY, Kansas
   NASCAR has judged, now the fans get to have their say.
   NASCAR hit car owner Richard Childress with a whopping $150,000 fine for Saturday's fight here with Kyle Busch, but the sanctioning body declined to add anything heavier, opting to saddle him with probation through the end of the year.

   Probation will allow Childress to continue attending all NASCAR events.
   So, too heavy a penalty?
   Or too light?
   What is NASCAR thinking in all this?
   And what should fellow team owner Joe Gibbs be thinking now?
   One take: http://bit.ly/lmFzos
   Another: http://bit.ly/kkVyDR
   Another: http://sbn.to/kgHcDb
   And another: http://on-msn.com/k6M1Xq
   And another:  http://bit.ly/kWcPcd
   And another: http://bit.ly/myT1HY
   And here's a sidebar to the whole thing:  http://bit.ly/j3Bfmj
   Did NASCAR really secretly fine Ryan Newman $50,000 for punching Juan Pablo Montoya in the NASCAR hauler at Darlington?
   The issue of secret NASCAR fines raised a big stink last summer when it was revealed that Newman and Denny Hamlin had both been secretly fined by NASCAR for saying things the sanctioning body didn't like. Newman, for complaining about danger and safety at Talladega. Hamlin, for questioning NASCAR's thinking in throwing caution flags.
   And, oh by the way, Brad Keselowski scored a big win here in Sunday's Kansas 400....a storyline that should be the big one, if not for NASCAR executives' actions Monday.

   The official statement from NASCAR:
   "NASCAR has fined owner Richard Childress $150,000 and placed him on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31 for violating Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing – involved in an altercation in the garage area) of the 2011 NASCAR rule book. The violation occurred following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race June 4 at Kansas Speedway.
   "The probation includes all NASCAR-sanctioned events."
   Then the sanctioning body added a side note statement, somewhat unusual:
   "The penalty we have announced today for Richard Childress reflects NASCAR's response to the incident at Kansas Speedway on Saturday. We feel this action is appropriate and are confident all parties involved understand our position on this matter and will move forward appropriately."
    Childress then issues a statement of his own:
   "First of all, I'm responsible for my actions, plain and simple.
   "As you know, I am a very principled person and have a passion for what we do at Richard Childress Racing. I believe passionately in defending my race teams and my sponsor partners.
    "In this instance, I let that passion and my emotions get the best of me. I accept the penalty NASCAR announced today and, as a company, we will now focus on this week's races at Pocono Raceway and Texas Motor Speedway."
    There was no immediate response from Busch himself.

    In other NASCAR news Monday, Tony Stewart has promoted Matt Borland to competition director of his two-team operation and released veteran Bobby Hutchens.
   Stewart, since nearly winning Las Vegas in March, has struggled on the stock car tour. Over the weekend Stewart blamed Ford's new engine for being a significant advantage over his own motors, which come from Rick Hendrick, saying he felt like he was bringing a knife to a gun fight.
   Hutchens was key in building the Stewart team, which debuted two years ago.


  Bobby Hutchens: veteran competition director, looking for a new job (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)



Richard Childress should have

Richard Childress should have done somethint about this a long time ago since he was the one having to foot the bill for al the equipment that the #18 has been tearing up. DW thinks he has grown up now but he is trying to put on this show for Mr Gibb which I have the upmost respect for. This kid is immature and dangerous and thinks everyone should get out of his way and puts others in harms way they should back down from him. (wish I had a bulldozer) Mr. Childress is being a gentleman about this which I knew he would. His ticket off the track shows what a juvenile he is. He is suppose to be a roll model for small kids. Well, there that goes down the drain.

Classy move by Childress;

Classy move by Childress; attacking a driver for no justified reason and one whom he knew was on probation. Even classier by NASCAR. Fining a guy $150,000 for this kind of attack when he takes in multi-millions per year. That might mean that Childress will get to plant a few less rows of grapes this year, but that's about it. Had Childress known that's all he was going to get as punishment, he probably would have done this sooner and he'll probably do it again. So I'm guessing when Busch comes off his probation and maliciously attacks Childress all Busch is going to get is this same penalty? It's one thing when drivers get into an altercation post-race over something that happened on the track, but when the owner gets involved the line has been crossed. I'm glad the feathery hand of NASCAR has laid down the law so that this will never happen again.

Didn't Hutchins used to work

Didn't Hutchins used to work for Childress? Maybe KBM will hire him.

I think Nascar should have

I think Nascar should have fined him $500,000.00, and Kyle should have
had Mr. Childress arrested.

everyone is surprised that

everyone is surprised that nascar makes secret fines & rule changes when we've already seen a secret ford rulechage this year at daytona. hence the maximum grill opening. they say 2 1/2x20 inches max opening to keep the cars from sustained drafting. i remember for years the chevys ran 1"x20" openings or less for less drag & more speed.[remember they tape the hole front up for qualifing] now ford has better cooling and nascar makes a maximum opening rule what joke they say it and think the fans should be stupid enough to believe it.i bet chevy does. i mean less opening means less air means less drafting. but only nascar can make it sound like they're making a level playing field and not helping chevy

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