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Kyle Busch: NASCAR deals light penalty for car too low at Pocono

 Crew chief Dave Rogers (L) and Kyle Busch (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

    By Mike Mulhern


   Kyle Busch has had a rough month of it, and Sunday's post-race inspection problems were just the latest.
    At least Busch didn't get hit too heavily this time by NASCAR in the ruling announced Monday.

    The sanctioning body, which ruled the left-front of Busch's third-place finishing car at Pocono was lower than legal, docked him only six points – the difference of six finishing positions under NASCAR's new championship point system. Busch didn't lose any spots in the standings, and he goes to Michigan this week still fifth in the standings.
   Crew chief Dave Rogers was fined $25,000 also for the violation.
   The team issued a brief statement: "We…have identified the problem which caused us to measure low during post-race inspection. We have made NASCAR aware of our findings and we accept the penalty."
   NASCAR typically announces race penalties on Tuesdays after an event. There was no immediate explanation for the quick ruling.


so NASCAR's golden boy gets

so NASCAR's golden boy gets by with another one? I thought he was on "probation" for a fist fight on pit road, yet he keeps giving the sport a black eye by speeding on a public road, hitting another driver on the track on the cool down lap, and now he was running illegal yet he only gets docked 6 points? NASCAR needs to teach him a lesson about "conduct detrimental to the sport" but I garuntee you they won't because he is supposedly so popular. Mr. Childress did the right thing by putting him in a headlock and trying to beat the kid out of him yet NASCAR decided that he was in the wrong because he is a truck owner going against a driver, funny thing is Kyle Busch is also a truck owner and was acting in that capacity after he got off the track. Big Bill France would never put up with this mess when he was in charge of the sport, but it seems that Brian France and Mike Helton are reluctant to act on almost any incident with one of their "stars".

Gotta figure they announced

Gotta figure they announced the penalty Monday to not take away from the HOF on Tuesday, which makes a lot of sense to me. I think it showed a little lack of backbone to go with "6" points, presumably from NASCAR trying to equate it to the old system. They brought this new system in (which I didn't think needed fixing) and need to go with it and should have gone with 5 or 10 points, 6 feels so arbitrary. But not surprising...NASCAR does seems to think too hard sometimes, and usually not to scholarly effect.

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Ron Hornaday Jr. was

Ron Hornaday Jr. was penalized 25 pts. a few weeks back and I did a little research as to what this penalty would have equated to last year. 1st place is worth is 43 pts. this year(with no bonus pts.) and 25 pts. deducted is essentially meaning getting 18 pts. instead. 26th place gets you 18 pts. Last year 1st place was worth 185 pts(with no bonus pts.) and 26th place got you 85 pts. last year.

So to me, a 25 pt. penalty this season seems to be last year's 100 pts. Last year Kyle Busch would have received a 25 pt. penalty for this infraction and he was penalized 6 pts. just now.

So, to me, it's quite simple. Any pts. deduction this year is to be multiplied by 4 if you want to see last year's pts. deduction value.

Just how I see it.................Jeff

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